Do you wonder why the world’s still there?

Do you wonder why the world’s still there?


The most startling thing about heartbreak is
…noticing that the world didn’t actually end. *

After my dear friend died I’d sit and look at the mountains and wonder why they were still standing. Why the sun came up and went down without her. Why the world’s still there. She died Dec.27, 2015 and I last saw her that Christmas Eve.

It was snowing like crazy that Christmas Eve in 1999 we buried my mother, so cold I wished my grief would freeze and I could break it apart like ice. But I couldn’t. It stuck with me a long time. It’s still there, really. Holidays are difficult.

This is the hard truth about life: it’s full of loss and loss means heartbreak. Parents who have lost children. Children who have lost parents. Widows and widowers.  Everything with a beginning also has an ending, says Jack Kornfeld,  and our peace of mind comes from being ok with that.

Easier said than done. Grief holds on tight, sometimes for a very long time. Our feelings remain long after our living loved ones want to hear about them.

Holidays are hard for many who grieve even if they didn’t lose loved ones at that time.

regretAnd that’s exactly why I wrote the Guided Journal Through Grief: to provide a safe place to share all the feelings that remain. Our grief, our guilt (if any), our regrets and also our happy times together.

Each page has a prompt that you can respond to by writing, drawing, painting or even do a mini collage. Or it has a simple activity or a meditation. 

For years I searched for a condolence gift that was supportive but not complicated. That didn’t have a shelf life, like flowers. Or didn’t seem celebratory like a fruit basket.  I couldn’t find one, so I created it.

grief-supportOur large condolence gift includes the guided journal, a deck of 50 gentle  grief “affirmations” meant to help transform grief (because it never goes away), a pretty heart shaped mini-candle and an Apache tear grief stone, which has helped me tremendously in my own grief. $34.99

Our small condolence gift includes the 50-card deck and the heart-shaped candle. $19.99

Both are gentle, supportive, affordable and those who get them say they really do help.

This Christmas it’s my mission to get these helpful tools in the hands of those who really need them. So if you know someone who is grieving, why not send them this gentle support? We ship and provide your short message on a gift tag.

Find them and more at our gift tab.

Quote from Bloom for Yourself by April Green and this is an affiliate link.


What to do when you’re spinning out over health worries

What to do when you’re spinning out over health worries

So let’s say you–or someone you love–is facing a challenging diagnosis, tough treatment and all the anxiety that goes along with it. You’ve talked about it a lot–because it is the biggest, most significant thing in your life. It is naturally a preoccupation.

And maybe you think that your loved ones are sick of hearing about your anxiety, your disease, your feelings. And yet, you NEED to express yourself. You WANT to talk about those feelings. And you know you NEED to get it out. But maybe you think you see their eyes glaze over when you bring it up.

health-worriesThat’s what this Guided Journal for Healing is for. It’s for all the deepest feelings and thoughts you or a loved one has about their disease, their treatment and themselves. To get them out. To air them so they don’t build up and hold power over your emotions. To express those feelings so they no longer create as much anxiety.

To allow those anxious emotions to lose their power over you is no small thing. Because it’s easy to spin out over them.  I know because I have done just that, spun out over “what-if” and “oh no.”  These are hard to talk about and even when we do, we’re afraid our loved ones don’t want to hear it so much.

health-worriesEach of these pages has something that helps. A prompt meant to help you get those feelings out. An activity to help with anxiety. It’s all there in these many pages, spiral bound so the journal is easy to work with.

This image represents just one of the questions that might be hard to talk about, but easier to write about.

That’s why this makes such a beautiful gift–for yourself or someone you love who is going through a tough health challenge.  And affordable.

Find it here.

AFTER summer one-stop-shopping guide

AFTER summer one-stop-shopping guide


FALL UPDATE!  Summer is really over–already!  and you’ve probably got an entire list of things to do–especially if you’ve got kids. So maybe we can help make it a bit easier with our one-stop-shopping guide:


Some special and affordable gifts:

If someone you adore is having a birthday or just needs their spirits boosted: consider “You’re My Person” candles–you can now add that cute pendant to any of our candles for just $5. For a maid of honor?? Sister? BFF? Cute cute cute!

OR add the cute metal Happy Birthday Cake & Candles Pendant–which is larger– to any gift for $6. Thread it through the ribbon for your gift wrap for an adorable look. It’s also a fun stand-alone gift when you just want “a little something!”

Find all the pendants under the gift tab.

If you’d like your kitchen to smell sugar-lemon fresh this fall/winter, try one of our limited edition Lemon Drop Kitchen Candles. The lemony-sweet fragrance and pretty flower petals make it a super gift at super pricing: introductory price for the 4 oz. Lemon Drop Kitchen Candle is $11 per candle (four for only $40!), and customers say they burn for a very long time.  I do love these.

Summer Cocktail Candles would be a lovely reminder of summer—-in yummy fragrances like Pina Colada, Sparkling Sangria, Pink Lemonade or Tropical Coconut Mango and in 10 oz. frosted glass containers of pink, blue, yellow and green. How about a bridesmaid gift?

People who receive them respond, “They’re gorgeous!”


It’s always tough to be sick. Or to be grieving. How well I know this. Our gentle, supportive gift packages for healing and/or grief start at $19.99.

Or buy just the helpful affirmation decks for only $14.95 or the guided journals for $15.95.   Check the tabs Healing Toolkit or Grief  for details or to see more.


Could a cancer survival kit help you or someone you love?

Could a cancer survival kit help you or someone you love?

When I look at these products I never fail to think of the friend who inspired them. Which means I think of her every day, although I have not been able to hug her since she transitioned three years ago. She battled cancer and I do mean battled. Determined. Wanting to have every chance. Every tiny advantage.

So when I hand-drew her some healing affirmations, she used them. She believed they were helpful. And she told me that I needed to make and sell them. So, a few months after her death, I did. I must admit that there have been days when I’ve looked to the heavens and said, “Really? You made me do this at MY age?”  But yes, she did.

people-dieOur many discussions about her journey with cancer were the source of the idea for my Guided Journal for Healing. Because she needed to express her feelings about her disease and she did it all the time in our alone time.  I saw how healing it was for her to have an outlet for her frustrations, her sadness and also her joyful times.  It is in her honor that I offer what some customers have called a “cancer survival kit.” Really, though, it is useful for any tough health challenge.

The basic products are the guided journal and affirmation deck. The journal is a workbook that allows you to respond to questions and prompts or do simple activities to help express your feelings about what’s going on with you. The affirmations are a thought a day, a meditation, a way to set a healing tone during treatment or at any time. And then another option is one of the gift packages: I’ve put them together with some other pretty things to make a lovely gift. All super-affordable.

people-dieI’m not silly enough to think anyone’s going to cure cancer by using these products. But customers tell me that they are helpful. The guided journal, itself, allows free expression about your condition– with no judgment. Over on the Journal’s page is a short video that shows exactly how to use it. the pages aren’t blank, they ask questions or give you a thought to respond to. Write, draw, paint or even collage your responses.

If you’re going through treatment, consider these aids to treatment. If a loved one is facing a hard health challenge, please consider gifting one of these gentle, supportive tools. Or one of the gift packages.

They’re quite affordable. I have been told I should charge more. Other tools of this quality do cost more. But as with all of my offerings, I want more people to benefit. So you’ll see that my prices are more than competitive–they’re lower.

Take a look at all of my products that support healing. Thank you.

Why we should celebrate when there’s something to celebrate

Why we should celebrate when there’s something to celebrate

something-to-celebrateThere’s so much doom and gloom in the world that I relish having something to celebrate. Especially here, where I deal with difficult and sad subjects.

So let’s light up the week with this great news: truly something to celebrate!

A number of my friends, both online and local, have been battling tough cancers. And I am thrilled to report that more than a few are living happy lives even while having various forms of treatments. Because their cancers are being held at bay by new treatments that allow them to have a good quality of life–and even travel–while still in treatment.

Several are past the three-year mark and doing well. Several have had post-treatment pet-scans that show absolutely no sign of a type of cancer that not too long ago killed within the first year.

I think that’s something to celebrate!

Now, I know, you don’t want to tempt fate and neither do I. But there’s no denying that advances in cancer treatment are buying longer, quality lifespans for patients in treatment. And that is something to light up the world about.

I hope there’s a day when cancer is as insignificant as a common cold.  Until that day, though, I’ll take the fact that we do have something to celebrate.

Won’t you join me in praying that all those with cancer find effective treatment and flourish?

And if you’d like to help someone in their battle, I hope you’ll consider one of my thoughtful, gentle healing gifts.  Or–and I know you will LOVE this: a beautiful Hearts & Flowers candle that comes unscented or scented: see our candle shipping schedule.

Extra help for deep grief

Extra help for deep grief

Deep grief seems to be everywhere these days, both public and private. It is one of the hardest journeys we’ll ever travel and we must do it alone.

Like everyone else, I’ve taken that journey more than once. Close family, dear friends, beloved pets: I’ve grieved them all. As have you. And that’s really how my line of products to help with grief began: with the knowledge that it’s something we all face and with the desire to find something that made the journey a little bit easier.

Our Guided Journal through Grief is one such aid.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’ve felt like it’s a burden to continue to share my grief with my loved ones. There’s only so many times I can talk about my sadness. And of course, sometimes I want to be alone with it.  The Guided Journal means you’ve always have a place to work through your grief, at your own pace and in your own way. Without worry of being judged.

Questions like these allow us to air the feelings that friends and family may not know what to do with.  The Guided Journal through Grief has pages of questions–called “prompts”–as well as activities.  Each will help you in your healing process. And it IS a process that takes as long as it takes.


No matter how prepared we are for someone’s passing, there are likely to be things unsaid. On this page, you get a chance to say them. To give them light. To send them up to your loved one’s soul.

By the way, you don’t have to write. You can draw, paint or collage with little mementos or images cut from magazines.


Maybe, like me, loved ones have passed suddenly, before you could have a last conversation. What would you say if you knew their passing was imminent? You can say it here. For me, I might write about all the things that I will miss and what I will remember.

I find rituals to be helpful in saying goodbye. Develop your own or use one of the ideas in the Guided Journal through Grief.

As you can see, this really is a grief resource. The journal makes a lovely gift just by itself–it’s affordably priced at only $15.95. It is also one of the components of our beautiful large condolence gift.   You can find all our grief support tools here.  Those who use them say they are very helpful.

And if you’d like to learn a little more about how to use it, watch this very short video, below.