Surgery Preparation Guided Imagery: Anxiety, Pain & Outcome


Guided imagery for surgical patients has been shown to lower pre-op anxieties and help reduce pain and length of hospital stays. See our testimonial page for the successful way one patient used our two-part audio program.

This two-part guided imagery helps patients go into surgery in a calm, anxiety-free state of mind and helps set the stage for a successful, pain-free outcome.

In the pre-surgery segment of this audio download, soothing words, thoughts and music relax the patient, help relieve any fears and anxieties about the procedure, and suggest fast healing and a successful outcome with minimal pain. Use this segment of the program with earbuds once a day or more often the week before surgery.

Use the post-surgery segment of the program after the procedure to help with relaxation and any pain management. Begin using this part of the audio program as soon as you can use your device and earbuds after surgery. You may listen to it as many times a day as necessary.

Listen at least daily for a week before surgery.

If you would like a custom-audio for your specific surgery, contact ccassara(at)

To order an audio as a gift for someone else, download it from the confirmation page and then it’s simple to share it with that person via Dropbox, Google Drive or another file-sharing. service.

Format: mp3 | Elapsed time: Less than 25 minutes total

Ships only to U.S.

This professionally produced two-part audio recording with Carol's voice is a natural and powerful way to help manage the pain and anxiety associated with any kind of surgery. Be sure to use earbuds for a closer connection with the imagery.

Caution: Do not use any downloadable audio when you must be awake and alert and especially not while driving.

When you order a downloadable audio be sure to download it from the confirmation page that will come up after purchase. If you have problems with this email ccassara(at) If you'd like to order an audio as a gift for someone else, download it from the confirmation page and then share it with that person via Dropbox, GoogleDrive or another file-sharing service.