Energy Healing Kit


This compact Energy Healing Kit is jam-packed with tools to help with healing, the perfect size for a bedside table, altar, travel or visiting clients.  Use itwith meditation, reiki, or other healing activities.

Your Energy Healing Kit contains:

  • Small selenite wand to help activate healing & reach higher planes
  • White sage smudge stick to purify yourself & your environment
  • Stick of palo santo sacred wood to help energetically cleanse & heal
  • Small metal Hamsa healing hand charm used in healing by many cultures to wear or hang
  • Tiny metal spiral charm representing the sun and eternity to wear or hang
  • Small amethyst stone with powerful healing energy
  • Small bag of ritual herbs to toss in the bathtub or burn in ritual
  • 3 healing affirmations to use in meditation / ritual
  • Instructions on how to use the kit

An affordable $16.99.    Ships to US only.

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