Free Resources To Help With Fear, Anxiety & Centering

Free Resources To Help With Fear, Anxiety & Centering

Our biggest challenge now might be to manage anxiety and fear, and to keep centered.

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Healing Affirmations

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May we all find our way out of this to a world more like we remember.  Sending peace, love, light your way.

Why death is the only thing that helps us come to terms with death


Oh, how I love this man, this soul! Teaching in Maui, Dec. 2018

As if my season of loss wasn’t enough, (four death anniversaries between Thanksgiving and New Year’s), my beloved Baba Ram Dass transitioned on Dec. 22 and my beloved cousin, Sandy, on Dec. 24.

It’s a lot. So many chapters in this life closed as I age. Year after and sometimes day after day.. And so, as usual, I turn to the infinite wisdom of Ram Dass for comfort. He may be gone, but his wisdom lives on:

“How you relate to death is the key spiritual work of aging. And how you see death is a function of how much you identify with that which dies. Egos die. Souls don’t die.

I encourage you to make peace with death, to see it as the culminating event of this adventure called life. Death is not an error; it is not a failure.”

come-to-terms-with-deathAs Baba Ram Dass so aptly pointed out: If we live fully in the present, death is just another moment.

How is it that I feel closer to him in death than I did in life?


The glass votive in the grief gift is now replaced with an Apache Tear obsidian grief stone.

Ram Dass actively worked with the dying–he often told us how much he loved it. If you’d like to support someone in grief or healing I hope you’ll consider one of these gentle gifts, found right here.


How it’s up to us to deal with it

How it’s up to us to deal with it

Remember these? If you’re my generation, you probably do remember this, well, fortune-telling game. And in a way, life is sort of like that game.

We get what we get. The rubber meets the road in how we respond to it. How we deal with it.

Sleepless, I listened to a Baba Ram Dass podcast from the early 1970s last night. It was all about finding the gift in everything, even the bad stuff that happens. Being grateful for it, even, because it’s meant to be a lesson.

No one knows this better than Baba Ram Dass, who was debilitated by a stroke in 1997. In an instant, his life changed. His sharp intellect was still there, but this loving spiritual master could no longer live independently. He was paralyzed on one side and had expressive aphasia and serious chronic pain. All the wise thoughts and words were there, just as they were before the stroke, but he couldn’t get them out. Ironic, since at least to me he is one of the biggest intellects of our time.

Finding the gift in that stroke would be a challenge for a lesser person. Maybe it WAS a struggle for him, I don’t know. But he was certainly better prepared spiritually than most to handle this kind of life-changing event.

Earlier this year I was re-reading Conversations with God, in which the author was told by God that nothing we encounter in life on earth is really a lesson because we already know all this stuff. (You may recall my short post about it.) Life on earth is meant to allow us to practice what we already know. Which we can do to a greater or lesser degree.

I don’t have any special insight into finding the gift in the hard stuff of life. But if we’re spiritual beings, then we know there is more than this. That life goes on because we are pure spirit, souls living an earthly existence. Maybe we look at suffering as a lesson or maybe it’s chance to practice what we already know.

But it doesn’t matter which we believe.

Ram Dass teaches that once anger and fear are diffused, suffering can be a portal to greater peace, wisdom and healing. Rather than let the hard stuff throw us, he teaches us to love and appreciate all of ourselves, even the painful parts. Embrace our vulnerability. Make friends with our suffering. He insists that we can navigate the difficult emotions and emerge awakened and full of joy and in fact, has modeled that for us these past 20+ years.

This can be hard for some of us to swallow. It asks us to look at a picture bigger than any other. To have the courage of our spiritual convictions.

It’s something I do spend time thinking about. And I’d love your thoughts.

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Could a cancer survival kit help you or someone you love?

Could a cancer survival kit help you or someone you love?

When I look at these products I never fail to think of the friend who inspired them. Which means I think of her every day, although I have not been able to hug her since she transitioned three years ago. She battled cancer and I do mean battled. Determined. Wanting to have every chance. Every tiny advantage.

So when I hand-drew her some healing affirmations, she used them. She believed they were helpful. And she told me that I needed to make and sell them. So, a few months after her death, I did. I must admit that there have been days when I’ve looked to the heavens and said, “Really? You made me do this at MY age?”  But yes, she did.

people-dieOur many discussions about her journey with cancer were the source of the idea for my Guided Journal for Healing. Because she needed to express her feelings about her disease and she did it all the time in our alone time.  I saw how healing it was for her to have an outlet for her frustrations, her sadness and also her joyful times.  It is in her honor that I offer what some customers have called a “cancer survival kit.” Really, though, it is useful for any tough health challenge.

The basic products are the guided journal and affirmation deck. The journal is a workbook that allows you to respond to questions and prompts or do simple activities to help express your feelings about what’s going on with you. The affirmations are a thought a day, a meditation, a way to set a healing tone during treatment or at any time. And then another option is one of the gift packages: I’ve put them together with some other pretty things to make a lovely gift. All super-affordable.

people-dieI’m not silly enough to think anyone’s going to cure cancer by using these products. But customers tell me that they are helpful. The guided journal, itself, allows free expression about your condition– with no judgment. Over on the Journal’s page is a short video that shows exactly how to use it. the pages aren’t blank, they ask questions or give you a thought to respond to. Write, draw, paint or even collage your responses.

If you’re going through treatment, consider these aids to treatment. If a loved one is facing a hard health challenge, please consider gifting one of these gentle, supportive tools. Or one of the gift packages.

They’re quite affordable. I have been told I should charge more. Other tools of this quality do cost more. But as with all of my offerings, I want more people to benefit. So you’ll see that my prices are more than competitive–they’re lower.

Take a look at all of my products that support healing. Thank you.

No, that’s not how I roll

No, that’s not how I roll

There are times when I am confused by things that happen in life. Puzzled. As if I am from some alien planet. Such was the case the other day, when I told a group of friends I was having a hysterectomy. One of them immediately responded  “Have they told you what to expect post-surgery?”

“Yes,” I replied. “My doctor said I’d be down about six weeks, no driving for 10 days and I need to be three weeks post-op to comfortably do a cool weekend I have planned.”

“Well,” she responded, “don’t expect a quick recovery. That surgery is really rough on your body and it is going to be a lot harder than they made it seem.”

I was completely taken aback, because that’s not how I roll.

The way I roll is to believe that surgery will go easily and without anxiety on my part. That I will have a rapid, pain-free recovery. That nothing significant will be found.  I not only believe this but affirm it daily and do my own self-hypnosis to that end.

THAT is how I roll.

It is the way I have always rolled, even when faced with three surgeries in three years (back in the 90s). I might not have been a hypnotherapist back then but I knew to focus on the positive. And I had quick recoveries from them all. Yes, that could be me, strolling through fields of lavender during my recovery. At least in my mind.

Why would I want to plant negative thoughts in advance of my procedure?

My friend meant well. She just wasn’t thinking about the impact of her words.

So a piece of advice: When someone tells you they’re having surgery, wish them an easy time and a quick recovery. There’s no need to share any negative experiences, any scare stories.

Just give them the gift of your best wishes and positive vibe.


How this anxiety-ridden hot mess is managing a cancer scare

How this anxiety-ridden hot mess is managing a cancer scare

cancer-scareMost anxiety is a knee-jerk reaction to something we fear

and often fails to withstand any kind of critical analysis. I know this because I’ve just lived it.

Some random spotting caused me to see my GYN, who did an in-office ultrasound and, to my surprise, saw something “suspicious”. Until now, I’d felt safe, because there is almost no cancer in my family. But this made me quite anxious. After all, many of my friends have gone through cancer treatment or even died from it. White Coat Hypertension –or “high blood pressure at the doctor’s office” is the least of my anxiety problems when it comes to a cancer scare.

I approached the “official” ultrasound she ordered with ENORMOUS anxiety. Of course, I imagined the worst as I heard the tech clicking to take photographs of everything she saw. And the whole thing took forever.

cancer-scareWould they find the worst?

It showed an unusual thickening of the endometrium that could be “the bad thing” so my GYN wanted an in-office biopsy.

At that point you’d think my anxiety would be off the charts. Instead, it went completely away. Why was that?

When I meditated on my nervousness I realized that my anxiety would have no impact on the outcome. I either had cancer or I didn’t. Worrying wasn’t going to help or even change things.

Practicing what I preach

Before this, those had just been words. But now, in my meditation, I took them in. I wasn’t going to die tomorrow. And wouldn’t I be a complete hypocrite to fear death when I believe that we do not die, but simply transition to a different plane?

I know. Heavy thoughts. But they were super calming, simply because, with a little effort, I brought my thoughts in line with my beliefs.

I also enlisted the group of earthly angels I know—friends who sent out love and light, my two Reiki masters, my shaman friend and just about everyone in my luckily large spiritual support group. I felt completely loved and supported in moving forward.


Click photo to see my healing crystal candles.

Yes, the crystal thing

Selecting the best healing crystals from my collection, I carried them with me to all appointments. I had been doing healing meditations for days. I used my healing affirmations. I wore all my healing jewelry. I BELIEVE all this stuff helps and so, of course, it did.

Plus I thought about the many people I know who are living with cancer that is being controlled by treatment.

Here’s the best part: my blood pressure, normally sky-high in situations like this, was normal. NORMAL. So if that’s all this stuff did for me? It’s a big thing!

As it turned out, my GYN couldn’t complete the in-house biopsy.

How I managed pain

Her attempts were not pain-free. Any woman who has had a uterine biopsy knows what I mean.

But just that morning a good friend had revealed that in the numerous serious pain situations she’d experienced recently, she’d consistently used my pain relief recording. Like my husband related in HIS story, she was  offered pain meds like crazy but she kept responding “I have no pain!” Because she was using the audio and used her mind to let the pain go. “It works!” she told me. “It really works.”

So I did that, too. After all, why wouldn’t I practice what I preach? I put in my earbuds and let my GYN do her thing—it worked: my pain was minimal. Here’s where to find the audio and more info.

Still, she couldn’t complete the biopsy.

“I suspect it’s a benign polyp,” she said, “but we need to do an in-hospital biopsy it to be sure.”

Don’t you love it when they give you “your options?”

Blood pressure still normal, I listened to my options.  There were two: I could be admitted to the hospital for a D&C and biopsy under anesthesia, a same-day-home procedure. Then I would probably have a hysterectomy at a later date: my choice. I want everything that could be a future problem GONE.

OR we could move right to a hysterectomy with a GYN-oncology surgeon assisting my doc. They’d take it out, do a frozen section and if it was benign they’d proceed one way and if it wasn’t, another way. With the surgical oncologist right there.

I didn’t see any reason to go under twice. I’d already mentioned I wanted a complete hysterectomy, simply because too many of my friends have had a GYN cancer. I wanted it all gone. One less worry.

Surgery in my future

So when I return from my trip to Egypt in early April I’ll have a hysterectomy. I expect to be pain-free and anxiety-free. And here’s how I’ll make sure of it:

I will listen to healing meditations. I will ask my Reiki masters to support me. I will ask my shaman friend to do his thing. I will make sure my support circle knows time and date and I know I won’t even have to ask them to send positive vibes. I will use my crystals and healing crystal candles. I will use my own affirmations. I will use my own surgery prep, recovery, pain management and anxiety management audios.

And mostly I will trust that the Universe has my back, just like I blogged the other day. The Universe has my back and your back—all we have to do is trust.

If you’re facing a scare of your own, I’m here for you. Many of you already know that, but for those who don’t, trust that I am. Just shoot me an email at ccassara (at) and we’ll talk.

And here are some helpful links:

Find my healing affirmations here.

Find audios for surgery prep, recovery, to relieve pain and anxiety here.

Find my healing crystal candles here.