Summer Cocktail Candle Sets


Our  Summer Cocktail Candle Sets here: a duo or trio (your choice) of hand-poured soy candles in stunning frosted glass candle-holders. Light one of these colorful, yummy tropical candles and transport yourself to an exotic beach paradise.

Lovely flowers, colorful sea glass, and tiny seashells top each one, coordinated perfectly with the color candle holder you select. A sweet hostess gift, party favor or birthday gift.  Buy two or three–keep one and give the rest as gifts.

The container is large–a full 10-ounce pastel blue, pink, green or yellow container. NOT a votive. Choose from  Sparkling Sangria, Pina Colada. Not into cocktail scents? Choose sweet Pink Lemonade luscious Tropical Coconut Mango or juicy Black Cherry. Unscented also available.

Pick a single fragrance for your set –or mix and match.   Thick and tall dimensions:  3.5 inches high x 3.25 opening diameter x 2.5″ base.


  1.  Choose the duo or the trio option on this page.
  2. At checkout, choose fragrances and colors.  If you would like a specific scent in a specific color, specify that in the boxed space provided on the CHECKOUT page in the message area. Otherwise, we will match them up for you.

Contact me for individual shipping schedule.

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100% soy wax candles

PLEASE BURN YOUR CANDLES! We know they are so pretty you might not want to, but burn and enjoy the wonderful fragrances. When kept over long periods of time, scent can dissipate. Make the most of your purchase by using it!

  • Eco-friendly
  • Less likely to trigger allergies
  • Burns clean with no toxins, carcinogens, pollutants or petrochemical soot.
  • No harmful phthalates.
  • Soy candles burn longer than paraffin candles.

Candle size varies slightly as we use repurposed glass containers:  4 to 5 oz. volume for the small; approximately 3 inches tall and 3.5-inch diameter. Approximate burn time: 20-30 hours depending on container size.

Other candles approximately size you select; never smaller. Burn time will longer for larger candles.

Candle Safety: To prevent hazard or injury always trim wicks to ¼ inch before burning. Burn on a level, heat-resistant surface. Never burn for more than four hours. Never leave burning candle unattended. Keep lit candle away from flammable materials and out of reach of children and pets. Discontinue use when only half inch remains. Let the candle cool completely before handling. See all candle safety rules at

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