So let’s say you–or someone you love–is facing a challenging diagnosis, tough treatment and all the anxiety that goes along with it. You’ve talked about it a lot–because it is the biggest, most significant thing in your life. It is naturally a preoccupation.

And maybe you think that your loved ones are sick of hearing about your anxiety, your disease, your feelings. And yet, you NEED to express yourself. You WANT to talk about those feelings. And you know you NEED to get it out. But maybe you think you see their eyes glaze over when you bring it up.

health-worriesThat’s what this Guided Journal for Healing is for. It’s for all the deepest feelings and thoughts you or a loved one has about their disease, their treatment and themselves. To get them out. To air them so they don’t build up and hold power over your emotions. To express those feelings so they no longer create as much anxiety.

To allow those anxious emotions to lose their power over you is no small thing. Because it’s easy to spin out over them.  I know because I have done just that, spun out over “what-if” and “oh no.”  These are hard to talk about and even when we do, we’re afraid our loved ones don’t want to hear it so much.

health-worriesEach of these pages has something that helps. A prompt meant to help you get those feelings out. An activity to help with anxiety. It’s all there in these many pages, spiral bound so the journal is easy to work with.

This image represents just one of the questions that might be hard to talk about, but easier to write about.

That’s why this makes such a beautiful gift–for yourself or someone you love who is going through a tough health challenge.  And affordable.

Find it here.

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