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A Healing Spirit

She’d been in ICU at Stanford for days with an infection she’d gotten during cancer treatment and with each day, she’d gotten more and more depressed.

“I feel so helpless, stuck in here just staring at the walls,” she told me on one of my daily visits. “I wish there were something I could do to help myself.”

So did I.

We both believed in the connection between mind and body and I knew she read a little book of prayers every day.

I printed out some mood-lifting images to hang on her wall, and then it hit me: I could write some affirmations for her. I hand-wrote 20 healing affirmations and packaged them in a little red box. On it, I wrote “ RX: 1 per day”.


Day after day I saw the red box on her hospital tray. She read the affirmations. Her visitors read them. And after a few days, she looked at me with her big, dark eyes and said, “You need to make these and market them.”

Three years later, A Healing Spirit was born, conceived in the Stanford ICU by my beloved friend.  She didn’t survive to see the Healing Affirmation Cards or the Guided Journal for Healing I dedicated to her– or any of the other products on this site.  But her fingerprints and her indomitable spirit are all over them.

Coming out of retirement to start a business from scratch isn’t easy. I’ve made my share of mistakes, and probably still will. It’s time-consuming and expensive.

But when I’m wondering what the heck I was thinking to start this business, I take myself back to that day at Stanford and to my beautiful friend, and that thought propels me forwa

Carol A. Cassara, M.S., founder of A Healing Spirit

Hello and thanks for visiting! I’m a trained hypnotherapist and past life regressionist and live in the San Francisco Bay area with my husband and two little rescue dogs. Much of of my regression and hypnosis work is via Skype or Zoom, which means anyone in the world can access my services. I love doing workshops and small group events.

My interest in working with healing and grief began during the peak of the AIDS/HIV epidemic when I spent more than a dozen years as a trained emotional support worker with that community. My skills developed further during my years as support person to family and friends battling serious disease and facing death.

Inspired by the time spent supporting a close friend, I founded A Healing Spirit to help others cope with disease, grief, anxiety, and chronic pain. The story of my journey with my friend can be found here.


I hold a Masters of Science from Florida State University. I also hold a Masters level certificate in Integrated Imagery, a hypnosis technique, from Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, the college founded by Edgar Cayce, where I was trained by Peter Woodbury.

Spirituality became a focus after my mother’s death in 1999 and my spiritual journey has been long and varied. Before becoming a past-life regressionist, my interest in spiritual matters led me to complete Michael Harner’s training, The Way of the Shaman® Shamanic Journeying, Power, and Healing: The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism.  Although I am not a shaman, I am a mesa carrier, meaning I have a medicine bundle charged and blessed by Don Umberto Soncco, Q’ero master shaman and healer from Cuzco, Peru, the ancient capital city of the Inkas. It’s full of powerful, meaningful talismans and I use the mesa both personally and in my practice.

I’ve taken workshops and courses in trance channeling and facilitated after-death communication. I am also a Universal Life minister.  The healing work of Archangel Raphael resonates with me. Mentoring and coaching come naturally.

I’d love to talk to you and answer any of your questions.


Happy Clients

Curious about past life regression I allowed myself be transported to another place and time. A big part of the journey’s success was Carol’s amazing voice and gentle promptings. experience I will never forget.


My surgeon told me to expect a painful recovery after thoracic surgery. Thanks to prepping with Carol’s hypnotherapy, I never had to take a single pill & my doctor said I had the quickest recovery of any of his patients, ever.


Carol has the talent and skill to expertly guide us into a deeper understanding and appreciation of ourselves….providing clarity for those seeking self-discovery and enlightenment… With a gentle voice and non-threatening techniques, she coached me through an experience that found answers to questions that had bothered me all my life.


Carol immediately put me at ease. Her gentle technique allowed me to let go of my hypnosis fear and comfortably enter a relaxed regressed state. The entire experience was absolutely mind-boggling. I learned much about myself, it quelled some personal fears and I look forward to my next regression.


Carol combines her expertise in hypnotherapy and chakra clearing to create a wonderful relaxation hypnotherapy experience.  Since my session, I started to have more clarity and in general feel calmer. It felt like an internal lightbulb got turned on.  My meditation became easier as well. I would highly recommend her!



Carol and her beautiful work came into my life, no doubt, with the help of my mom who became an angel this year. I have felt the loss of failed friendships, relationships, career decisions and even pets. Absolutely nothing prepared me for the wreck my mind and heart would experience when my mom passed away. A Healing Spirit, especially the guided grief journal have been a part of what has kept me going. No one tells you that the pain you so desperately feel to connect to the one you loss may be too great for you to shoulder alone. Thankfully, this resource gives me the space to work some things out I would have never dreamt of...if left to my own devices. I am eternally grateful to Carol and A Healing Spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I opted to have my session in person. I live locally but know it can work just as well online.  I had the added bonus of getting to enjoy Carol's welcoming space and getting a hug at the end of my session. 🙂  

I felt like Carol could sense anytime I was starting to surface back to a more cognitive state and knew exactly what to say and how to re-direct me back into deeper relaxation, where I could access my subconscious, instead of my thinking, worrying mind taking over.  

If you've ever gone through a regression, you experienced feeling at times you're making up a storyline. As Carol will remind you what matters is there's a message in it for you, even if it's your subconscious talking. You'll benefit whether you believe past lives are real or not.

I walked away with very valuable insights and experiences that I am still integrating.  This continues long after your session.  

Carol is a wonderful therapist to gently and skillfully guide you through the process.


My mom is delighted with the affirmation cards and said they were exactly what she needed for her recovery.


I asked Carol to help me align my energy and spirit in a healthy, balanced way through hypnosis was amazing and helped my spirit immensely! I am forever grateful for her expertise.


Carol creates a calm and safe space....My memories of my "visits" are so vivid; I'm sure that they'll reveal more as time goes by. 


I had two sessions with Carol on her great package for Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression. Carol is the perfect person to guide you through these deep stages of consciousness as her sessions invokes positivity, security, and ability for us to be vulnerable enough to understand the deep messages that are in our minds, but not yet in our thoughts. You will learn about yourself and come out of her office aware of your mission, your spirituality, and your true-self. Carol has an open-minded soul and there is nothing she cannot help you with as she firmly believes we are all on our journey to become our greater self.


I recently finished my hypnotherapy sessions with Carol.  I contacted Carol for assistance with my confidence and anxiety.  I'm happy to say our sessions have greatly improved how I manage these personal issues!  Our sessions are taped for my personal review so that I can enforce the learnings and training any time I need to.  I also receive email posts with helpful articles.

I found Carol to be very approachable, trustworthy, and easy to speak to.  She is very professional and kind. I've already referred some friends since I had such a positive experience.


I was floored by my experiences. Relaxed by Carol's calming voice, my mind opened up like an old familiar book with answers that had always been hidden deep within its pages until now.


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Appointments for hypnotherapy, regression or spiritual connections available via Zoom during shelter-in-place.

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