All Regressions via Zoom for now.

Wondering if you’ve ever had a past life or if karma from a past life is affecting your life today, A Healing Spirit offers past life regressions. If you’re interested in learning more, email Carol to schedule a free preliminary call.

During the call, feel free to discuss regression OR consider spiritual connection, chakra clearing, hypnosis, grief, or mind/body healing. Ask anything you want. Let’s figure out if there’s something that could– help you’ve got nothing to lose. Please contact cassara(at) for a free, initial call.

Past Life Regression

Some themes seem to repeat themselves throughout our lives. Regressions often illuminate ongoing issues and problems you might be facing. A past life regression can bring clarity, guidance, and wisdom. Many people have regressions as part of their continuing journey of self-discovery.

The technique used for these regressions is integrated imagery. Carol holds a master’s level certificate in Integrated Imagery from Atlantic University, the college of Edgar Cayce founded. Past life regressions require about 90 minutes and can be done via Zoom.

Spiritual (or Life Between Lives) Regression

A life between lives regression is different. It can put you in touch with your spirit guides and the planning between lives for this life or another. Spiritual insights into this life and the people who play a role in it are possible.

Carol’s graduate school training for life between lives regression used the teachings of Michael Newton, Ph.D., one of the foremost experts in this type of regression.

Life Between Lives regressions can take up to two hours. Carol also offers a discounted package for both regressions, usually done 4 to 6 weeks apart.

All regressions are done via a private Zoom room. Online regressions work just as well as in-person regressions because it’s really all about following Carol’s voice. With earbuds inserted, her voice goes directly into your head without distractions. (Carol is no longer doing in-person regression.)

After an initial phone call to discuss your objectives and what is possible, you’ll schedule a session. She’ll send you two forms that must be completed before your session and the link.

You’ll go under a light-to-moderate hypnotic trance for a past life regression and a bit deeper for a between lives regression. You’re conscious throughout.

Carol will guide and facilitate, but it’s your journey. What happens is up to you. Afterward, the two of you will discuss your journey and what a might mean.

May I record it?

Carol will record it for you and email it to you later that week. You will, however, remember what happened.

Is a Zoom session different from an in-person session?

The process is the same and equally effective. You do not have to be in the same room with a regressionist to be regressed. Find a comfortable place at home to sit or recline for the session. Make sure you will not be interrupted by pets or family members and that all devices are turned off. Use earbuds. Carol must be able to see from the waist up, but you do not have to see her, as long as you can hear her. Her voice will be your guide.

How do I know I’m not making it up?

Regressions put you in touch with your subconscious mind, which can have helpful information for you, Imagination is always in service to the subconscious. When we are creative in any way or even making up a story for kids, we call it “the imagination” but in fact, it’s the subconscious. Even if you fear you are making it up, go with it and see what happens.

What if I don’t bring up a past life?

There is usually a reason. Whatever happens in a regression is meant to happen, and we will work with whatever comes up…Whatever comes up for you is what your subconscious wants you to know. Our past lives are rich in wisdom, and so are our subconscious minds. A regression can help you access that wisdom.

Is it dangerous?

No. It’s like a deep meditation or any guided imagery. We enter these same states every night when we go to sleep.

I don’t like losing control.

You are always in control. Many people with control issues have successful regressions if they are able to relax and let the process unfold.

What if something upsetting comes up?

A past life regression is an opportunity to heal. Should a distressing situation arise, you and Carol would work through it in a healing manner.

How do I prepare?

Find a comfortable place to sit or recline. Use earphones. Take a bathroom break just before your session. Don’t consume alcohol or recreational drugs in the 24 hours before your session. No other preparation is required.

Traumatic Event of Alien Abduction

Carol has experience helping clients access repressed memories about traumatic events or possible abductions. Contact her to discuss your situation and how she might help.

Fees & Policies

Payment is always made in advance of the session. An appointment time is not confirmed until payment is made and can be given to another client until then. Fees are per session, regardless of duration, paid in advance via this website. Full refunds are given for cancellations up to 24 hours before the appointment. A refund of 50% is given for a same-day cancellation. No refunds are given for no-shows. Fees may change without notice, but clients pay the fee that is in place at the time of booking.

Please schedule & complete your regression promptly! Your appointment time and date will be confirmed within 48 hours of payment. Clients who book two regressions must complete both within 75 days of payment; there must be at least 30 days between the two regressions.

Appointments that do not comply with these requirements are not eligible for a refund.

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