A Guided Journal For Healing (Use For Any Disease)


No matter what disease you are coping with, this high-quality, coil-bound compact journal provides a safe place to express your feelings about your disease and healing. It’s not blank: each page has a prompt, a question or an activity you can do to support healing. If you don’t like to write you can draw, collage, paint.

For a short video on How to Use a Guided Journal see the link in the Description section below.

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Psychologists tell us that holding our emotions in can actually hinder healing. But airing your thoughts and feelings in a safe place has been shown to be a big help in fighting any disease and symptoms.

One study found that women with breast cancer who wrote about their feelings had significantly fewer symptoms than those who wrote about the facts of their disease. Physical function was improved for kidney cancer patients who did expressive writing exercises, according to another. Scientists and medical professionals are finding that the mind is a powerful healing tool.

Whether you write, draw, or paste pictures that express your feelings, the journal will be a helpful addition to treatment or support group. It also makes a thoughtful gift for a loved one who is dealing with disease.

Ships only to U.S.