When I look at these products I never fail to think of the friend who inspired them. Which means I think of her every day, although I have not been able to hug her since she transitioned three years ago. She battled cancer and I do mean battled. Determined. Wanting to have every chance. Every tiny advantage.

So when I hand-drew her some healing affirmations, she used them. She believed they were helpful. And she told me that I needed to make and sell them. So, a few months after her death, I did. I must admit that there have been days when I’ve looked to the heavens and said, “Really? You made me do this at MY age?”  But yes, she did.

people-dieOur many discussions about her journey with cancer were the source of the idea for my Guided Journal for Healing. Because she needed to express her feelings about her disease and she did it all the time in our alone time.  I saw how healing it was for her to have an outlet for her frustrations, her sadness and also her joyful times.  It is in her honor that I offer what some customers have called a “cancer survival kit.” Really, though, it is useful for any tough health challenge.

The basic products are the guided journal and affirmation deck. The journal is a workbook that allows you to respond to questions and prompts or do simple activities to help express your feelings about what’s going on with you. The affirmations are a thought a day, a meditation, a way to set a healing tone during treatment or at any time. And then another option is one of the gift packages: I’ve put them together with some other pretty things to make a lovely gift. All super-affordable.

people-dieI’m not silly enough to think anyone’s going to cure cancer by using these products. But customers tell me that they are helpful. The guided journal, itself, allows free expression about your condition– with no judgment. Over on the Journal’s page is a short video that shows exactly how to use it. the pages aren’t blank, they ask questions or give you a thought to respond to. Write, draw, paint or even collage your responses.

If you’re going through treatment, consider these aids to treatment. If a loved one is facing a hard health challenge, please consider gifting one of these gentle, supportive tools. Or one of the gift packages.

They’re quite affordable. I have been told I should charge more. Other tools of this quality do cost more. But as with all of my offerings, I want more people to benefit. So you’ll see that my prices are more than competitive–they’re lower.

Take a look at all of my products that support healing. Thank you.

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