There’s so much chronic pain in our world that someone can help people release pain could make a fortune. You’d think that, right? Yeah and Big Pharma operates off that thought.  But most of us would rather avoid yet another pill or worse, an opiate addiction. Although it’s true that most people want the seemingly easy path of meds: take a pill and it all goes away.

No one really likes Big Pharma

Maybe it does go away. But what replaces it? If you’ve ever listened to the list of potential side effects in any drug ad on TV you have to wonder why anyone takes prescription drugs. When death is a side effect, you can count me out. Same with so many other unintended consequences of taking a pill.

I’m not a big fan of taking a zillion supplements, either. For one, they’re not regulated in any way. There’s no way to know what the heck they’re doing to us or even the right dosage. And being a “natural substance” is no guarantee of anything.

I do think there’s a time and place for pain meds and even for supplements. But not as many times or places as they’re being used.

There ARE other options for pain relief.

More natural ones.

A big one is hypnotherapy. Now, I’m a hypnotherapist and have worked with people who have had amazing results. I know it works. It’s not strange, occult or even  magical. It simply harnesses the power of the brain to reduce or eliminate pain. And I love that it works.

Affirmations can also work and an example from my beautiful healing affirmation deck is in the top image. Actually that affirmation combines another thing that works–breathing into pain. That technique has helped many, many laboring mothers over the years. And the affirmation refers to another technique we use in hypnotherapy, and that is visualizing pain being released out into the air when you exhale.

Don’t discount breath work to release pain

In fact, a number of physicians will tell you that breath work is a potent tool for pain relief. And others, including a major pain doctor, will tell you that you absolutely can reprogram  your brain to manage pain. We do both in hypnotherapy.

So here’s the thing. There IS no easy way to release pain. Although people who don’t know much about hypnotherapy might think they can sit down for a session and be done with it. Doesn’t work that way. For most people, it takes working with the technique over time–repetition–to get the effect. It takes time and effort. Because you are, in fact, reprogramming your brain. But science has shown that if you can do that, you can also manage pain. It can work. That much we DO know.

If you’ve got chronic pain, consider hypnotherapy. I offer hypnosis services via Skype and it’s effective. There’s no magic to being in the room. The magic is in the voice and following the voice–which is so much easier with earbuds on Skype than in person!  And take a look at my beautiful deck of healing affirmations, that can also support pain management and make a lovely gift alone or as part of our  gift package. Yes, live links.

I’d love you to come away from this post knowing that there are ways to manage pain without drugs and willing to explore them if the need arises.

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