There’s a natural flow and rhythm to most things, including life.Even though I know this in my head, it’s sometimes hard for me to go with the flow. To deal with the struggle. I mean, do you always trust your struggle?

Sure, I know I can look for the lesson, the reminder, the bigger picture. But I’m only human. I can get bogged down in the disappointments, the losses–the painful emotions.

It’s ok to feel all these thing–that’s what they say, anyway. But OMG, they can be so difficult and sometimes excruciatingly painful.

I’m thinking of a situation I needed to address, but as time grew near I really wanted to hide from it. To brush it under the carpet. To deal with issues can force us to accept their finality…. but if we just let it go, we can always fantasize that something different can happen.

Well, it CAN happen. But most of the time, it’s unlikely. Most of the time it’s best to pull up our big girl panties and handle the disappointment, the pain, all the ugly stuff head-on. After that, it’s easier to release it because we are complete with it. (It’s never really easy, though.)

I try to remind myself that everything has a current, like water. Some currents are deep and treacherous and others carry you along comfortably. I remember navigating myself through huge, difficult waves in Maui last year. As a big wave approached the boat crew advised us to “Turn sideways!” and let the wave crash over us from that angle, so we did not go down and get dragged under.

At this stage of my life not many things can drag me under, at least not for long. I’ve learned that even if I go down, the trick is to get back on my feet quickly, before I drown.

We can, it seems, always turn sideways to blunt the force of the hit.

I try to remind myself of the natural flow of life, that the ups, the downs–they are all part of what living fully means. This, too, shall pass. And it does. The proof lies in the many things I’ve faced during my life so far and I’m sure you’ve got a similar list.

It doesn’t mean I really WANT to face this stuff, just that I CAN.

These situations will crop up our entire lives, if we’re really living fully. Taking risks. Going after our dreams. We’ll win some. Some won’t. have happy endings.

The struggle is all part of this journey called life. And I am still learning to trust it.

Oh, and here’s the story of the Maui waves.



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