Don’t know about you, but I’m different already. Not that patient with things I pretended not to notice before.

And I’m not that gentle about what I see.

There’s a time for making decisions that benefit us individually and there’s a time to make decisions that are for the greater good.

When we see high-profile people repeatedly making decisions in their own self-interest some forget our obligation to our society. To the world around us.

For me it’s never been clearer that we’re called to maintain dual focus and direct our activities to support not only our own individual interests but the greater good. Because it’s obvious that we can inadvertently harm others.

When I see people who don’t get it, I get angry.

Maybe some of it is misplaced anger at those in charge who couldn’t care less for the rest of us.

But some of it is based on my deep belief that being “in this together” must be more than just a catch phrase. For us to get through this it has to be a way of life.

I can’t help but notice our interdependence. I do expect others to see that, too, and act accordingly.

Kai Skye (you might know him as the former Brian Andreas) gets so much of how we feel right and this reminder feels like it was written for me. I need that, because being gentle with life and death stuff is not my style. I’m more in the “Hey! Get a clue!” camp.

The struggle is real.

Will you be different in the future?

Thank you, Kai Skye (formerly Brian Andreas) of, for always making me think. For reflecting to much of what goes on for me internally.  Kai (formerly Brian) has a really helpful Ebook called Everyday Angels perfect for these times. It’s got a few dozen of these amazing, inspirational pieces and I read it every single morning for inspiration. It’s only $9.95. Find it here.

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