Way back when the reality of quarantine set in, anxiety also set in for many of us. Hey, I wasn’t immune to it, either. Who knew that we’d be contemplating mortality so soon? and in this strange way?

Maybe for you things have eased up but loved ones who are still home-bound due to underlying conditions or even age might still feel anxious. It’s hard to know how to help.

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that back in mid-March, I made all of my online anxiety-management and healing tools absolutely free. No strings--no one gets added to a mailing list. Just free. If you’d like to help, simply make sure they download or sign up for these:

Downloadable audio to manage anxiety – FREE

This 24-minute guided imagery for managing anxiety has helped many calm their fears–and is also helpful against insomnia. FREE to download  right here   See download instructions in your confirmation email.

Use earbuds and listen while in a chair or bed. Do not use while driving or doing anything else. Like operating machinery.

Daily thoughts/mantras for good health / peace of mind – FREE

Research shows positive thinking can boost our immunity and help manage anxiety. Your free online subscription gives you an email a day for 35 days, each with a positive meditation thought for health or peace of mind.

Save them all– and when you’re done, simply start again. Free, no checkout code needed. Sign up here.

Healing affirmations are now FREE online

Hopeful, helpful healing affirmations for those coping with a disease or chronic condition are now available free as an online subscription.

An email a day for 50 days arrives in your Inbox, each with a healing thought.  These are particularly helpful if you are in treatment or dealing with any kind of health challenge. Completely free (no checkout code needed)…just sign up here.

I’m happy to make these powerful healing tools available to all absolutely free. Please share this as you see fit. Also, a few other things that could be of interest:


See all candle options here–one for every need.

Pretty candles with soothing scents might also help. Perfect for taking a break, meditating or prayer.

See all my gorgeous candles with flowers and healing crystals right here.

One more thing: if you or anyone you know would like to receive my several times a week inspiring and thoughtful posts (now mostly about ways to cope with our new world), sign up on the home page. Just scroll down to GET NOTIFIED.

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