The short answer is “Yes.” And here are some suggested ways:

You might be wondering if it’s really possible to manage fear right now, because it’s the toughest fear of all: of death.

Is there anything more terrifying than coming face to face with our own mortality?  It’s now something each one of us faces.

In our modern world we’re used to having a solution to most things. But this is different.

It’s not unprecedented, either. These “plagues” have happened throughout history. Just not in a very long time. It’s unfamiliar territory. So it’s no wonder we’re facing a national anxiety attack.

There’s no instant way to calm how we feel. But consider this: most of our fear is knee-jerk—automatic. We don’t stop to think through–rationally– how likely the worst case scenario really is.

I don’t have a magic bullet to manage fear. It takes being proactive (as in actually working to manage it) and also being aware enough to not let our fears run away with our emotions. Some reminders about how we can get through this.


If you’ve got it, lean on it. I try to access the calm I had going into my surgery this year, in which my faith assured me there could be no bad outcomes. This was the first time in my life I’d leaned on faith and it didn’t let me down.

Stay away from the news

Glance at headlines but don’t feed into the bad news frenzy which fosters more and more anxiety. I don’t need to know about more people dying, how they die, the risk factors for death or anything else. I know to stay home, to maintain hygiene and physical distance. A glance at headlines will tell me anything I need to know. Or my husband will.

Be busy or not

Sometimes we just need to space out on nothing, play with pets, take naps, watch mindless videos. If you feel like being busy, do it but there’s no obligation. Some of us can’t focus enough to get stuff accomplished. We get a pass.

Don’t fixate on the worst happening

If you do, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Try to let things flow. Note what is passing through your mind and make a choice about what you want to do with that. If you want to focus on anything focus on the love you see around you. Because I’ll bet there’s plenty.

Focus on what we have

Don’t focus on what we don’t have in our life right now. Focus on what we do have.

Life is different. It’s natural to miss our familiar routines and activities. Avoid focusing on what’s missing and instead focus on what we have: time and plenty of it. To do something or to do nothing. It’s our choice.

Avoid adding anti-anxiety meds if you can

If you take them regularly don’t stop, but if you don’t, this is the time to try to manage anxiety naturally.

Try my free downloadable audio for managing anxiety that can relax you easily. It’s guided imagery. Listen daily, using earbuds but not while driving or doing anything else. Find it here.

If you’d prefer to get a daily emailed mantra for positive good health, so you start the day with a positive thought, they’re free, too. You get one a day for 35 days and you can sign up here.

And if you’re already battling a condition, you can get 50 healing affirmations (one a day) free by email as well right here.

Share these helpful tools with anyone suffering anxiety or who needs help to manage fear. There’s no catch, you won’t get added to a mailing list.

Thanks for visiting…Stay safe, well and anxiety-free.

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