Don’t miss out on easy ways to boost immunity, something especially important today. I wanted to share our daily routine –what we do to make sure we’re proactive in protecting ourselves from the virus.

We’re taking vitamins every day, of course. I haven’t been regular with vitamins in a long time, but you can bet I am now.

I take a zinc lozenge almost every day. (If I’m sick, which I’m not, I boost further by taking more.) Immunologists say zinc reduces the time you’re sick, but I take it prophylactically, which means as a preventive measure.

I make my special hot tea just about every day. They say hot beverages kill the virus and just in case it does, I drink this. Live link in case you want to make it, yourself.

I was taking elderberry, but the jury’s out on what it does to those with Covid. Some say it spurs a hyper-immune response, which isn’t good. So I stopped for the time being.

The most important thing we do is have a Juice Plus smoothie at least once (if not twice) daily. Because fresh fruits and vegetables are hard to come by today. (I don’t like canned or frozen.)

What’s Juice Plus?  The next best thing to fresh produce: next best because it comes from ingredients that are farm-grown. Fresh. Juice Plus products come in capsules and also smoothie powder–all made from juice powder concentrates and oils from a variety of fruits, vegetables and grainboost-immunes. Whole food based.

While we enjoy fresh produce, we can’t always find it these days. This is a good way to make sure we’re getting helpful antioxidants and phytonutrients we’d usually get in the fresh stuff.

I take the capsules and most important, we drink the smoothies as meal substitutes. The chocolate powder is great–a treat, really.  I blend mine with almond milk, a few ice cubes, and if it’s my meal I add half a banana or maybe a teaspoon of almond butter. Delicious! Michael blends berries with his vanilla for a super-scrumptious treat.

It’s a great way to make sure we’re getting everything we need for a strong immune system. And for good energy!

Also, we’re not anxious about our storehouse of food, because we keep our Juice Plus powder fully supplied at all times–so we know we will always have the nutrients we need. It’s a great feeling of security.

Here are studies about how it supports immunity and other health.

If you want to know more or order some, contact my friend, the nutritionist Michelle Sugiyama at or 651-747-7779. Her website is and no, she’s not paying me for this. I just believe in it!  If you’d like her full advice on increased vitality, overall, see this post from last year.



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