You might know this at that famous coffee chain as sick tea or Medicine Ball. It’s soothing for a sore throat or cold –but I like it any time, actually. In fact, I’m sipping it, now–but I made it myself, at home. My version. Which is pretty darn close to theirs. Maybe better.

It’s a great winter drink. So I thought this might be a good time to offer the recipe to you to make at home. My version of their sick tea :


Citrus teabag
Peach teabag
Peppermint teabag
(I had these on hand–you don’t need the ginger part but I like it)

Equal parts steamed lemonade and hot water. I heated my lemonade in the microwave.
A spoonful of honey

Steep the bags in the lemonade water/honey mix.  Sip.

Sometimes, I pull back a little on the amount of lemonade so it doesn’t overwhelm the drink.  Also you can re-use the bags at least one more time; flavor is not as strong, but still good. And it makes me feel good to reuse.

sick-tea I just made the mug of sick tea pictured. A few things to note (besides my rocking countertop, which I still love, five years later):

The glass mug survives from 1972 and our first marriage to each other. I know, right? The only other survivor is my stainless steel cooking pots, a shower gift from my mother.

The lilies are from my garden. They are prolific right now.

On the windowsill, you can see the tiny tin square with lemons painted on them. I got that in Spain 20 years ago.

On the right is a painting, a gift from my friend, the artist Marylou Falstreau. Find her inspirational and affordable work at

As for me, I’m not sick, but enjoying my sick tea just the same. And so will you. Give it a try!

Oh, and if you’re sick or want a gift for someone who is? Come see this stuff!

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