The posts scheduled for this week just don’t apply anymore and to tell you the truth, nothing I say seems to hit the mark right now. I want to provide comfort and inspiration but my well is dry as I wrestle with my own lessons during this pandemic.

But I did want to share something inspirational posted last week by a meditation teacher I respect, Jack Kornfield, whom I last saw in Dec. 2018 at Ram Dass’ retreat.   I look forward to the day when I can see him on retreat again. These are his words, not mine. Find him at

From Jack

“We have a choice. Epidemics, like earthquakes, tornadoes & floods, are part of the cycle of life on planet Earth. How will we respond? With greed, hatred, fear & ignorance? This only brings more suffering. Or with generosity, clarity, steadiness & love?

This is the time for love. Time for Bodhisattvas. In Buddhist teachings, the Bodhisattva vows to alleviate suffering & brings blessings in every circumstance. A Bodhisattva chooses to live with dignity & courage & radiates compassion for all, no matter where they find themselves. This is not a metaphor.

As Bodhisattvas we are now asked to hold a certain measure of the tragedy of the world and respond with love. The Bodhisattva path is in front of us.The beautiful thing is, we can see Bodhisattvas all around. We see them singing from their balconies to those shut inside. We see them in young neighbors caring for the elders nearby, in our brave healthcare workers and the unheralded ones who stock the shelves of our grocery stores. Now it is time to add our part.

The Bodhisattva deliberately turns toward suffering to serve and help those around in whatever way they can. This is the test we have been waiting for. We know how to do this. Trust your dignity and goodness. Where others hoard, help. Where others deceive, stand up for truth. Where others are overwhelmed or uncaring,…be kind and respectful.”

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