Let me cut to the chase. Here are some easy ways to strengthen your immune system. I do mean EASY. Anyone can do them.


This is #1 because it really is effective: Diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the immune system but any breathwork with a good slow controlled exhale works.

Here’s how to do diaphragmatic breathing:

  1. Put one hand on your upper chest; the other just below your rib cage. You should be able to feel your diaphragm move as you breathe.
  2. Gently slowly breathe in through your nose. Feel your tummy move against your hand.
  3. You are doing it correctly if the hand on your chest remains mostly still.


See breathe, above. If you’d like affordable, effective healing and healthy mantras to help you meditate, see these.

Control anxiety

I know some folks are almost overwhelmed with anxiety. Limit the virus news you consume to only what you need to know to take appropriate action. Do not sit in front of the TV all day. Do not read every online post or article. Choose.

If you’re having trouble controlling anxiety, I can help. I’ve made my anxiety downloadable meditation free  with the checkout coupon FREE. It can help. Free offer is indefinite. Share away.

Positive thinking

See anxiety, above.  This, too, shall pass, sooner rather than later,  if we all do our part.

Positive activities

I’m cooking, reading, walking outside and watching escapist programs. See my post here for other positive ideas that help distract us from the news.


Supplements are ok but whole food nutrition is best.  Eat your fruits and veggies. Anything with high antioxidant levels is helpful: dark chocolate, blueberries, artichoke, strawberries, kale, raspberries, red cabbage, beans. Oh yes, red wine! We are enjoying some nice pinot noir this month.

Dark leafy greens–excellent. I love Swiss chard. Most fish, also excellent.

Garlic and onions are good for immunity. My vegetable soup last week was loaded with them. Polyphenols are also supportive — found in berries, apples, walnuts, almonds, beans, soy, black and green tea. Sipping tea all day is easy!

Move your body

No gym right now, they are hotbeds of germs. Walk or bike outside–nature is calming so it’s a double dose of immune support. Yoga inside. Lift gentle weights at home.

Dance in the living room for fun cardio–15 minutes is all you need, you can do it in 5 minute increments to music you love.

There’s a way; find it.

Fresh air

See Exercise, above. Also open your windows, sit in the yard–get outside for sun and fresh air.

Be responsible: reduce exposure and transmission

I hope by now everyone realizes that you can not go about business as usual without exposing yourself or others. If you don’t, let me educate you, and I am obnoxiously persistent about this:

We can only stop this pandemic by not carrying or getting this virus. Viruses can be spread by people who have no symptoms. They are invisible. Therefore: it is absolutely unnecessary to meet in groups of any size. Or to go out and about as if nothing has changed.

So stay home as much as possible. Wash your hands constantly for at least 20 seconds a wash. Wear gloves if you are pushing a shopping cart. If you go out, no hand shaking.

There’s a lot of good advice about how to protect yourself and then there is just good common sense, the same thing that keeps us at home cooking and doing fun things at home.

Play your part

At our house we feel strongly that it’s important to play our part in stopping this. We are horrified by people who do not feel the same way and put themselves and others at risk. It only extends the time we have to cope with this situation.We hope you will do your part.

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