Does your calendar run your life? How would it feel to have an empty calendar?

I’ll tell you how it feels: it feels GREAT.

This is what my normal calendar looks like.

Meetings, client appointments, dinners, lunches. Community events. I’m out and about all the time.  Well, ok, probably not as much as some of you, but a lot for someone who really should be retired. After all, I run my little business and that requires being out and about. Plus I like hanging with my friends.

Now, during this time of plague, my calendar looks completely different.

I like it! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like this virus. I don’t like that we must run our lives so we avoid it. But I am choosing to find a bright side: the gift of an empty calendar.

The gift of time.

If you’ve got blocks of time to fill, here are some ideas:

Cook fabulous meals.

Read books.

Write real letters to friends and family in other cities.

Get outside and walk in the fresh air. Or take a bike ride.

Crank up your music and dance. Yes, by yourself!


Play with your kids and/or your pets.

Organize your closet, junk drawer or entire house. Throw stuff away!

Sort those photos you’ve been meaning to get to.

Craft. Maybe you have crafting supplies stashed away that you keep meaning to do something with. Do it.

Do nothing. Catch up on sleep!

How about you? What are you doing with your empty calendar?

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