being-humanIt’s pretty awful when you find yourself doing the exact thing you don’t like others to do: Judging a situation without all of the information.

It’s such a shock to find that we are, in fact, human, despite our best efforts to rise above, to keep to a spiritual path, to let kindness be our guide.

“Judge-y” is not how we like to think of ourselves.

It’s not how I like to think of myself. But it’s a human reaction. All-too. I mean, I should be “woke,”, right? Shouldn’t I?

Ram Dass acknowledged this feeling when he assured us that we should risk being human. That we should appreciate our human-ness without judgment. Let our story unfold without getting too far ahead of ourselves. “Try being human,” he suggests.

But oh, how hard that can be!  So I read and listened to these inspirational words of his today:

“Appreciate your humanity. …I’m Ram Dass and I’ve worked on myself, and I’m supposed to be equanimous, loving, present, clear, compassionate, accepting – often times I get tired, I’m angry, I’m petulant, I’m closed down.

“Now for a long time I’d get into those states and I would feel really embarrassed because that isn’t who Ram Dass is supposed to be. So I would appear like I was warm, charming, equanimous, compassionate and there was deviousness and deception involved.

And then I realized that that is – that’s bad business because that cuts us off from each other. And I had to risk my truth. I had to risk being human with other people. And realize that what we offer each other is our truth. And our truth includes all of our stuff.

And the first thing I had to do was accept my own truth. I had to allow myself to be a human being. And I think I was helped by my disembodied friend, who, when I said to him, ‘Emmanuel what am I doing on earth?’ he said ‘You’re on earth, why don’t you try taking the curriculum? Why don’t you try being human?”

I just love that. Because I’m so guilty of getting “ahead of myself” and not really understanding that I’m still on my path. So yes, being human can be embarrassing. But that’s what we are: human.

We’re right where we are supposed to be.

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