I’m still a Beatles fan, all these years, later, and when I hear one of their songs I am instantly transported back to the 1960s. This image of a van does the same thing. I just go there. As I do when I read some of the posts by my favorite Boomer bloggers.

Today, I thought you might like something a little different and so I offer you their latest pieces below.

Some Christmases stay in our minds forever, no matter how old we get. Laurie Stone of Musings, Rants, & Scribble’s most memorable came in 1972 when she was fifteen. It was the first time she feared Christmas wouldn’t come…at least not in the way she’d always known.

 I’ve been combatting cold weather with home-made soup, like my friend, Rebecca Olkowski

She updated one of her most popular blog posts which is a recipe for  . . .  wait for it . . . Polish Sauerkraut Soup. It was inspired by a trip she took to Krakow, Poland a few years ago. If you’re a sauerkraut fan, you will love this yummy soup.

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer and personal finance journalist, hosts a guest blogger Kris Balekian Hayes, attorney, who writes about “gray” divorce, divorce when couples are age 50 and older. See what Hayes has to say in the “Top Three Challenges to Expect During a ‘Gray Divorce.’”

Tom at Sightings Over Sixty recounts a close call he had on I95 outside of Baltimore when a box truck veered off the highway toward the center median, then careered back onto the road until . . .  . Well, read all about it in Glad to Be Alive. And let the incident remind us all to have a safe and accident-free holiday.

With 2019 winding down, Jennifer of Unfold and Begin thinks it’s time to set our sights on 2020.  Whether you think 2020 is the start of a new decade or the last year in a decade, you still need to make plans. But no matter what, in a few weeks, it will be 2020 and she feels we should have a plan. And that why we’re going to look at how to plan goals for next year and beyond.

Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting spent the past week with her grandkids in the sunny state of Florida. They visited a recently opened food establishment to test their offerings, All of the items were unfamiliar to our boomer blogger. But she indulged, as she recounts in this week’s post about her introduction to unique dessert treats.


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