leave-your-markAbout a week before our recent trip to Maui we were in the garage trying to organize and I came across a beautiful Italian ceramic plate. For years it was displayed in my parents’ home—I have no idea how my mother acquired it, maybe a gift. But I loved its tropical motif with palm tree and coconuts.

I wanted to find a place for it in my house but the truth is, I didn’t have one. And then I realized that it would fit perfectly in my girlfriend’s Maui home and I was pretty sure she’d like it. So I brought it to Maui and gave it to her.

A perfect fit

She did like it,and was touched by the fact that it had belonged to my mother. And, it looks like it has always been in her place.

I thought about how that plate, which had traveled with me from Rochester NY to Tampa FL to San Jose, CA and now to Maui, was actually me leaving my mark in Maui. A sign that I’d been there. That Maui meant something to me.

I don’t know where it will end up, of course. When girlfriend sells the place one day the new owners may get it or it might get broken or discarded, I don’t know. And it’s not important.


The plate in its Maui home.

What’s important to me, though, is that I left a mark. And when I set out to plan my business, A Healing Spirit, it was also with the intention to leave a mark, to have an impact on the lives of my customers and my clients. And you know what? It feels GREAT to know that I have contributed something to their lives, provided comfort, pain relief or something they were looking for.

That’s quite different from being “an influencer,” which in today’s parlance means someone who exorts another to do something, especially purchase a particular product. That’s not what I am talking about. I’m talking about the kind of influence that affirms and encourages others and doesn’t drag them down.

Awakening to purpose

When I talk about living with purpose and passion, I mean aligning what we do with what we believe. My personal values align tightly with what I do for a living now. It wasn’t an accident. I planned it that way. Or rather, I was awake when the message was delivered by my late best friend before she died, by my higher self and yes, by my team of spirit guides.

All that input is available to us if we quiet our minds and listen. That’s really what we all can do: be awake to what’s on the periphery of consciousness. It’s easy to stay in our comfort level and say “oh no one would pay me for that” …but is that really true?

It’s helpful to reality test those assumed obstacles to see if they’re real OR if there is a way to blow through them to live a life of passion and purpose—the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s to us all living our passion, our purpose and our dreams!

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