I ran into a client the other day who wanted to introduce me to her husband. “This is my hypnotherapist,” she said, “who helped me with my anxiety.”

She went on to say that during one of our sessions, she had an “aha!” moment after something I’d said to her. We were talking about the root of her anxiety and I made an observation that resonated with her in a big way.

“It was the root of everything!” she told her husband. “And it really made a difference.”

So yes, we did a hypnotherapy session.  And yes, we had a discussion–call it an “intuitive session” about her anxiety. But what I believe I really did was “hold space for her.”

holding-spaceHolding space is about allowing another to be where they are, without judgment and without rushing in to fix it. To just sit with the person and allow them to be where they’re at.

It’s my experience that by holding space, we provide the opportunity for those big “aha!” moments. For healing. By just letting them be in their own space, have their own experience, and have their epiphany.

Here’s another way to hold space for others: by providing tools to help them focus on healing of any kind. To feel how they feel. And to transform those feelings into healing ones.

That’s what’s behind my beautiful deck of Healing Affirmations. For only $14.95, you can give someone a pretty pink organza bag filled with 50 healing thoughts and meditations to help them find their own way through healing.

If you know someone who is in the process of healing, this is an affordable way to hold space for them, even if you are not in the same town. Yes, we ship.

Look more closely at them here.

Oh and hypnotherapy info is here.

And if you don’t already know about my retreat, you might want to check it out here!

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