The Universe has your back.

I’ll bet you know that, just by reviewing your own life. I have my own proof of it.

I was getting ready to make a big mistake. It was a mistake those closest to me saw coming but I insisted they were wrong. That I could cope with the many and serious ramifications of my decision.

But as I was getting ready to pull the trigger (so to speak) something incredibly inexplicable happened. Something so big and so unexpected. So bizarre, really. And so good that I couldn’t resist it.

To accept this gift from the Universe, I had to change my mind about the big mistake I was preparing to make.

It wasn’t an easy decision. But from the age of 16 I’d used Pro/Con matrices for big decisions, so I pulled out paper and pen and charted out the facts.

And then thought about the emotions. What turned the corner were my feelings.

It was very clear I was meant to make the decision I made, even though I’d been resisting. In my imagination I heard my spirit guides talking among themselves, “Oh geez, she’s going to do this thing that really won’t be good for her. We’d better do something so big that she’ll have to pay attention.”

And so they did. I went their way and have never regretted it for one moment.

The Universe has our back. For real. For sure.

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