walkin-each-other-homeWe’re all just walking each other home.

This is my favorite of all of the inspirational things Baba Ram Dass has said. Let’s break it down to see why it’s so resonant for me:

“We’re all just walking each other…”

This recognizes that we do not walk alone in life, even if we think we do. Think about when we were kids and our parents would walk us to school. Or maybe a beau would walk us home. Those who walked with us were there for our protection or for companionship.

The idea of walking together is more profound than it seems. That’s because our most important role is to be there for one another and in the walk through life, it’s the biggest thing we can do for another. Be there for another.

It’s easier to do when you’re nearby. But it’s not impossible to do at a distance. Calls. Notes. Emails. Texts. There are many ways to be there for another. To be walking each other home.

That’s really what my work is about–walking others home. Lending a hand when they need it. And doing it in a way they can afford.  The many people who have given healing products to a loved one to support them during a tough time are taking that walk with them. They may live far away, but they’re still there, thinking of them and sending them something to remind them, “I’m here for you.”

This is more than business to me. But if you know me, you know that to be true.

Back to Baba Ram Dass. The other key component of that quote is the concept of “home.”  Home –the spiritual realm–is where we came from and it’s where we’re going. As we go through life side by side with our loved ones, we are really walking each other home.

It moves me so much to write this because I feel it so deeply.

As I do, I’m in Hawaii looking out over clouds, water, volcanoes. In just a few days–when you read, this, in fact– I’ll be sitting in the audience as Ram Dass shares some of his wisdom. I might not be literally sitting at his feet, but have no doubt: I’ll be at his feet in one way or another.

And be part of walking him home, as he’s part of walking me (and us all) home.


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