soul-tribeIt’s been my experience that our soul tribe will appear as we allow ourselves to simply be ourselves.

We may not recognize them at first. It took me almost 20 years to recognize that a woman I knew casually was actually a soul sister!

And they may be quite different from us in some ways. My BFF was nothing like me, and yet, she was an important member of my soul tribe.

The people in our soul tribe “get” us at the deepest level. We can be ourselves in all the most important ways and they don’t penalize us for it–even when it ain’t pretty.

We share similar values. Our souls resonate in important ways.

They can be our life line.

I’ve never been someone who followed the crowd. Ever. I’ve always had a strong sense of myself, even when I felt I didn’t fit in. But I grew to love my solitude and even now must have a regular dose of it.

As the years passed, members of my soul tribe appeared, slowly but surely. I had to be ready to recognize them, and that took time.

Now? I count on them. I need them.

And they need me. So I’m there for them.

How about you? Found your soul tribe yet?

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