Do you feel the stress all around us? I’m sure you do. It’s a tough time and many of us are upset and stressed. Emotional imbalance can lead to physical imbalance. I’m not sure which is worse.

Here is a beautiful prayer of protection for every morning and night —  to help support physical and emotional health. Usually I light one of my candles with healing stones, dim the lights and meditate on it.  I wrote it, but would love to see it shared far and wide. So please do!


Father/Mother God,
I ask that you shower me with white healing light to clear and cleanse me,
washing away anything that doesn’t serve my highest good.
I ask that any negative energies be repelled and unable to reach me
or others, leaving only healing and protection.

Standing in the white light of healing I ask that my cup be filled
with only positives
That only those entities with the highest vibrations and purest intentions
be allowed in

I ask the Divine, God, Source to bring peace to my mind,
healing to my body,
all things for my highest and best good.

With a loving heart I ask for healing for all those who hate
or fear
Bring them peace and love
Help them release any negative energies
and feel the oneness of humanity.

Please keep us all within your healing light,
safe, protected and loved.

Let your light and love surround us
For this blessing, we give you thanks.
~Carol A. Cassara
A Healing


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