We clean out our closets periodically, right? (At least theoretically…some of us are less diligent about that than others. Like me.) But what does kindness have to do with closets?

Our lives are sort of like closets. Things build up over time, get hidden away and remain there, stagnant,  past their useful life.

Not everything in our closets is worth keeping and the same is true with things in our lives: jobs, activities and sometimes, even relationships and people.

We assume that everyone will be with us a lifetime, but that may not be their role. They may be here for just a season and then, having done what they arrived to do, move on.

I love the idea of letting go of things that have outlived their usefulness kindly. Without judgment.  It can be hard to do but then again, once you’ve done it you see how easy it is to hold no grudges.

Was talking about this the other day with one of my nephews–about something big I’d let go of.  It was so big my spirit guides had a lot to say about it in great detail. They don’t often advise directly but in this case they advice me to let it go immediately because it wasn’t mine to carry.  “It had to be a big weight off you,” my nephew commented.

It was.

It’s surprising how much old baggage can weigh us down and even, at times, suck joy out of our lives. Even when we don’t realize it.

But for me, it’s helpful to evaluate everything in my life and determine what’s worth keeping. The rest? I let fly off into the wind in a breath of kindness.

And that’s the key. No harm, no foul. No grudge.

Just kindness.

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