Tenacity. Stick-to-it-ive-ness. These are things that can can be of value, whether we’re on the job, doing a hobby, raising kids or even healing.

Then there’s the flip side:

I know how I am.

It’s just how I am.

That’s the way I am.

This can be justification for not changing. For not trying something new. Or for not seeking treatment.

I heard this a few months ago from someone with serious chronic illness who wouldn’t entertain a new way of looking at her symptoms and possibly even handling them.

I heard it again from a friend with a family member who obviously has cancer that is progressing in a big and visible way, a painful way but refuses to do anything but alternative healing. In situations like this, I always refer to Steve Jobs, who had the only kind of pancreatic cancer that is curable, but who died from it because he stuck too long to only alternative treatments. I believe many alternative treatments can be effective but every case is different. There’s a time and place for everything, including mind body healing. Just so you know I am not recommending that anyone abandon medical treatment. Not at all.

Life is about growth and so is healing.

I’m all for respecting decisions people make about their treatment. It is, after all, their decision. But when a patient sees neon signs that say “THAT ISN’T WORKING, IT’S TIME TO TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!” it would be beneficial to pay attention. Maybe even life-saving.

Chronic pain patients can sometimes rely so much on their medications, even necessary medications, that they fail to investigate other ways of managing some of their pain. Methods that do not have side effects. That aren’t potentially addictive. Or that aren’t as expensive over the long term. Such as hypnotherapy. 

Whether a hypnotherapy client has chronic pain, panic attacks or anxiety I always require him/her to record the session and listen to the recording daily. Because the repetition is what helps the brain learn to manage their condition. But repetition takes work. It’s much easier to take a pill. I get that.

Sometimes meds really ARE necessary. I embrace that.

But that shouldn’t stop a patient from exploring the idea that other methods might be helpful, too. Or even instead of.

Yes, hypnotherapy can be very effective via Skype. Email me for more info at carol (at)

Affirmations and expressive writing to help patients are also the subject of real medical research. See my gentle, pretty affirmations here and my guided journals here.


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