higher-selfAre you in touch with your higher self? There’s so much more to what we see than what we can perceive with our earthly eyes. And of course, so much to us than this human form. Our higher self is always there for us to access.

Did you know that? It wouldn’t surprise me if you said “no,” because not so long ago, I didn’t notice my higher self, either. It was always there, but I never knew it.

Once I did, though, I began to notice something else:

There’s more going on than we can see.

We’re all so busy. But there’s what we think is going on and what is really going on. It might be hard for our earthly selves to recognize it, but our higher self  always sees.

If we lift our eyes–shift our inner gaze beyond what we think is there–to what we can imagine–we remember that all things are possible.  That’s how we see with the eyes of faith. Look up.

Our higher self is always there to remind us to look up toward the Divine, Source, God and imagine what is possible.

If you’d like to access your higher self

I can help– I offer several types of spiritual connections that can be done very effectively via Skype.  And this week only I’m offering a FLASH SALE WITH discounts on Skype sessions booked now but held in April. 

Skype services can be some of the most powerful –there’s no need to be there in person.


A “Guided After-Death Communication” or “Channeling” can connect you with your higher self. And so can a between-lives regression. And this week I’m offering $20 off these Skype sessions:  Guided After Death Communication or Learn to Channel. 

This flash sale ends Sunday, March 18 at 11:59pm Pacific and applies to Skype spiritual connection services scheduled for April 2018 or beyond.

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Let’s talk about it, first, then I’ll tell you how to order.

Email Carol (at) ahealingspirit.org and we’ll set up a time to talk about it–or we’ll exchange emails==and if it’s a fit we’ll set a date. This is the only sale I’ve ever offered on these particular services, so I hope you’ll take advantage of it! Because I want more people to see what I’ve learned to see. It’s pretty amazing.


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