Guided After Death Communication


If you’re like me, sometimes you want someone else to make the connection for you. I can guide your channeling journey.

In a 45 minute Skype session, we’ll discuss who you’d like to hear from (besides a loved one on the other side, this could include your guides or ascended masters or even your highest self) and how the session will unfold. I’ll then guide you in a session. Afterward, we’ll talk briefly about the experience.

One After Death Communication session is $149. Add your session to cart, purchase, then email me at Carol(at) to schedule or for more information.


Guided After Death Communication sessions are available to anyone in the world.
Requirements: internet connection, Skype account, Facetime or Zoom, a quiet place to relax uninterrupted.

Contact me at any time with questions about this or any of A Healing Spirit’s services and products at Carol(at)