Learn To Connect To The Other Side Yourself


Let me teach you how to connect with the other side yourself via channeling, so you can do it anytime you like without anyone’s help.

We’ll use an hour and a quarter to talk about whom you’d like to hear from and I’ll guide you in a channeling session.   Afterward, we’ll talk about tools and techniques to allow you to do this on your own.   I’ll email you a script outline you can use and recommend some reading on the subject. Afterward, if you have a question about your own sessions or would like mentoring, you can email me with questions after our session.

Add the session to the cart, purchase email me for available dates or with questions at Carol (at) ahealingspirit.org


Channeling sessions are available to anyone in the world.  Requirements: internet connection, Skype account or Zoom, a quiet place to relax uninterrupted.

Contact me at any time with questions about this or any of A Healing Spirit’s services and products at Carol(at)ahealingspirit.org.