be-loveOne more time Sanaya, Suzanne Giesemann’s guides, inspire and empower me. Here’s what they had to say last month:

You may feel wounded, but wounds heal quite naturally by the grace of God if you let Love do its work.
Soften the heart. 
Be love instead of looking for it.
You are That. 
All else flows through.

This is something so true, so real–be love.

Be it.

We’re so busy looking for it or feeling its lack that we forget that the important thing is that we be love. It’s not that we GET love. That we BE it.

As it turns out, though, while we’re busy being love, love often finds its way to us. In many different ways.

So if you feel someone doesn’t appreciate you…has slighted you…or if you feel that love has passed you by, let all that go and just be love.

Be love.

And see what happens.

Oh Sanaya, you are so wise! Thank you, Suzanne, for bringing us these bits of wisdom every day.

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