affirmationsMaybe you think affirmations are silly. Or they don’t work.  Carnegie-Mellon University begs to differ.

It did a study that showed that self-affirmations had a definite effect on stressed-out subjects’ ability to problem solve.

Other results show that affirmations can positively affect grade-point average.

These are scientific studies. Done by a reputable academic institution. The real deal.

affirmationsThese results are promising and, I hope, the start of more investigation into how affirmations can help us. Because they’re easy to do. Affordable. No side effects. Free, even!

The effect of affirmations on physical health is just begging for more study. The mind-body connection is still mysterious but researchers brave enough to study it are finding that it can support health.

One study found that women with breast cancer who wrote about their feelings about their illness had significantly fewer symptoms than those who wrote about the facts of their disease or who just journaled. Physical function was improved for kidney cancer patients who did expressive writing exercises, according to another.

These are the studies on which I based my guided journals and affirmations. Because I know that people who are sick want to support their medical treatment. And these products are an easy and affordable way to do that one extra thing that could make a difference.

affirmationsI love the healing power of visualization. We know that it works for stress relief and to combat anxiety. We also know that it can work for pain relief. Talk to some of my hypnosis clients and they’ll tell you. One will even tell you he credits hypnotherapy for giving him a pain-free surgery and fast recovery–after he’d been told that he’d be taking opioids for at least a week.

Scientists and docs are discovering that the mind is a powerful healing tool.   I believe strongly that one day physicians will prescribe affirmations to support medical treatment. Maybe not in my lifetime, but one day.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to give yourself an extra edge in mind/body healing and recovery, consider an affirmation deck and/or guided journal. Or if someone you love could use this support, consider a thoughtful, pretty gift package–shipping is always free.

And of course, I love to do hypnotherapy and find that it can be very effective, even on Skype. Clients use it for everything from supporting chemotherapy to pain management and as an anti-anxiety measure. I’d love to talk to you about any of this. Just email

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