self-healingMaybe you aren’t well. Or maybe you’re stressed out by the holidays or something else. Or maybe you just want to take better care of yourself.  Everyone deserves a day of self-healing. Everyone.  Whether it’s a day a week or every month, treat yourself to a completely free day of healing and pampering.

Here are some ideas for your day:

Start the day right.

Meditation or guided imagery is a beautiful way to begin each morning. Even if it’s just 10 minutes. You can find so many effective free videos online–just pop in your earphones, relax and listen.

Any morning ritual works. Maybe you want to light a pretty candle and pray.  Or do deep breathing exercises. Just so you sent your intention for the day in a relaxed and focused way. You might think about blessing the day.

Pick your own mantra.

You can choose your own mantra–your focus for your own meditations. It could be a sound that resonates or even a word, like ocean, that has a relaxing sound and image. It’s fun to think about what would be your own mantra. And then use it.

Walking meditation.

I love a walking meditation–a stroll outside in which you look at everything as if you’d never seen it before. The trees, flowers, holiday decorations…the clouds in the sky, the moon, people on the street. Breathe deeply. Walk slowly, without purpose. But look around with purpose. Contemplate each one was you walk with new eyes.

Eat healthfully.

This one day a week be purposeful with your meals. Prepare it yourself or go to a favorite healthy restaurant. Eat fresh vegetables. Whole grains. Your favorite fruits. Just this one day, eat to feed your soul. Your health. If you’re eating at home, break out the good dishes. No paper plates or every day plates. Make the meal an event.

Sip a cup of wonderful tea or coffee.

Slow yourself down this one day. Take time to just sip and relax. And use your prettiest cup or mug!

Call or see a supportive friend. Spend time with your pet.

Part of pampering is being with people and pets you love. Make this a day when you do only what you love to do. No obligations. Yes, I know you have kids and other responsibilities. Maybe your spouse can be in charge that day. If possible, call on a friend to watch your kids that day. Or, if you can, just carve out a couple hours to yourself while they are at school.

Give thanks at night.

Gratitude is healing. But you probably already know that.

If you’ve got ideas for self healing, I’d love to read them in the comments. And don’t forget–if you’re battling a big disease, our deck of Healing Affirmations and Guided Journal through Healing can be a big help. They’re affordable, too, and make lovely gifts.

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