Spirituality may or may not play a role in how people grieve, but if it does, it gives great comfort. Gayle Kirk posted this piece on a page for grieving parents. In it, she talks about what she’s learned since her brother took his own life. It’s beautiful and, to many, I think it will be comforting. Thank you, Gayle, for allowing me to use this here.


I have great compassion for you regarding the passing of your loved ones.  I have had several people I was very close to make their transition, including my brother who sadly took his own life.

I am learning that we can love people deeply (on Earth and in Heaven) without needing and believing others are the source of our self-worth, love, happiness, and inner peace – even if we are family or friends.

We can learn to love ourselves, express our needs, take care of ourselves, and seek healing.
We can learn to accept the past/present/ourselves/others while surrendering to a power greater than ourselves to guide and support us.
We can learn to trust that one day we will have greater understanding about those people and things that seem difficult, outrageous, or unfair.

We can learn to have faith that those we love who are in Spirit are now healthy and at peace. They are still with us in a different way. We will be together in Heaven someday when the time is right.
We can continue to have a relationship with those we love who are in Spirit, to still feel their love, and to send them our love as we connect our Soul with their Soul.
We can be willing to learn to accept what is and ask for help with it.

I am learning to focus on being thankful that my loved ones are no longer suffering and are now at peace.
I am learning to think of my loved ones in Heaven as surrounded by the love of family, friends, and pets in Heaven who are now with them.

I am learning to create a new relationship with those in Spirit and to experience them, not as a physical presence, but as a living Spiritual Presence in my life – still very much alive, but in a different form – as pure Soul.
I am aware that I am an eternal Soul too and that my loved ones in Heaven and I can love one another and still communicate Soul to Soul. The bond of love is never broken.
I am focusing on being grateful for having my loved ones in Heaven in my life. I am remembering the many blessings they brought my family. I remember them with love as I remember the good times we had together.

I celebrate their life. I honor them with the way I live and I make them proud knowing that when I am happy, they are happy for me.
I am comforted in knowing we will all be together again as a family one day in Heaven.

Let us be willing to open our hearts to let in healing and the love from others. Let us share our love with others.
Let us appreciate each and every day we have together. Let us all come closer together as a family and as an extended family.
Let us not hesitate to tell and show those we love how much they truly mean to us while we can.

We choose to come here to love, create, learn, heal, and grow.
Be gentle with yourself and others. It helps to ask, “What can I learn from this?” and to help others who are in similar situations or needing help in other ways.
By extending our hand and hearts, we also help heal ourselves.

© 2017 Gayle Kirk
Please share with those you love.

Gayle Kirk was inspired by Spirit and her own personal experiences with grief to write this beautiful message. It is based on a dedication she wrote about her brother who sadly took his life.  She hopes it will help you on your healing journey. As a professional Psychic, Medium, and Channel for over 20 years, Gayle Kirk also provides Private Readings for Messages from Family, Friends, and Pets in Heaven and Psychic Guidance from Spirit Guides via Telephone & Skype. Gayle would love to have a reading with you to help you be your most and to create your best life! To read the full article “Dedication To My Brother” please go to the Articles link on Gayle Kirk’s website.

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