Learn to do a heart hug for healing the world

Learn to do a heart hug for healing the world

What if we all did a heart hug to embrace the entire world and its healing?

Here’s how:

  1. Sit comfortably, feet flat on the floor, hands where ever comfortable.
  2. Close your eyes. Focus on your breath. And do the next part slowly.
  3. Imagine a loved one sitting opposite to you and in your minds eye, visualize embracing them. Imagine the warmth of your embrace and the energy being emanated out from that hug.
  4. Visualize that heart hug extending out to other loved ones…..and then out to those who are sick and dying….
  5. ….to medical professionals on the frontlines of this virus…first responders…those who keep our supplies coming…
  6. Extend your embrace out to include everyone in your community who is suffering or anxious… in the state …. in the country …and in the entire world.

And that, my friends, is a heart hug. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to extend heart hugs to the world every day? I think so, too.

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How becoming a Bodhisattva can help us through this difficult time

How becoming a Bodhisattva can help us through this difficult time

The posts scheduled for this week just don’t apply anymore and to tell you the truth, nothing I say seems to hit the mark right now. I want to provide comfort and inspiration but my well is dry as I wrestle with my own lessons during this pandemic.

But I did want to share something inspirational posted last week by a meditation teacher I respect, Jack Kornfield, whom I last saw in Dec. 2018 at Ram Dass’ retreat.   I look forward to the day when I can see him on retreat again. These are his words, not mine. Find him at JackKornfield.com

From Jack

“We have a choice. Epidemics, like earthquakes, tornadoes & floods, are part of the cycle of life on planet Earth. How will we respond? With greed, hatred, fear & ignorance? This only brings more suffering. Or with generosity, clarity, steadiness & love?

This is the time for love. Time for Bodhisattvas. In Buddhist teachings, the Bodhisattva vows to alleviate suffering & brings blessings in every circumstance. A Bodhisattva chooses to live with dignity & courage & radiates compassion for all, no matter where they find themselves. This is not a metaphor.

As Bodhisattvas we are now asked to hold a certain measure of the tragedy of the world and respond with love. The Bodhisattva path is in front of us.The beautiful thing is, we can see Bodhisattvas all around. We see them singing from their balconies to those shut inside. We see them in young neighbors caring for the elders nearby, in our brave healthcare workers and the unheralded ones who stock the shelves of our grocery stores. Now it is time to add our part.

The Bodhisattva deliberately turns toward suffering to serve and help those around in whatever way they can. This is the test we have been waiting for. We know how to do this. Trust your dignity and goodness. Where others hoard, help. Where others deceive, stand up for truth. Where others are overwhelmed or uncaring,…be kind and respectful.”

Follow Jack Kornfied on Instagram @jack_kornfied or @jkornfield on Facebook.

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Free Resources To Help With Fear, Anxiety & Centering

Free Resources To Help With Fear, Anxiety & Centering

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May we all find our way out of this to a world more like we remember.  Sending peace, love, light your way.

Life In The Time Of Plague: Noticing The Seen & Unseen

Life In The Time Of Plague: Noticing The Seen & Unseen

Friends who are shamans and mystics call information they get “downloads” or “transmissions.” 

I don’t have a fancy name for what I get but I’ve gotten it almost my entire life. Even before I could differentiate between the seen and unseen. Or knew anything about the other world.

I am almost always the first (or among the first) in my circles to recognize what’s going on. I call it intuition, but it’s more than that.  Loud, strong, powerful and insistent. I’m forced to listen and then to share. I have no choice.

Early in this pandemic I was first to call and ask about the wisdom of holding several events I’d signed up for. No one else had called yet. That’s because  I already knew it was going to get worse and that social distancing and social isolation were necessary even -without knowing the public health terms.  I didn’t have a name for flattening the curve or breaking the chain of transmission, either, but that was my download, my message from the unseen. And boy, was it insistent.

But I knew it too early. Others were not there yet and could not hear it. Would not hear it. My queries and suggestions fell on deaf ears. Many stubbornly stuck to “business as usual.”

Those of us who are observers see things during a time of trouble that we might not ordinarily notice. Sometimes these observations can never be unseen and it changes how we view situations (and even people) forevermore.

The Good

This national emergency provides an opportunity for people who feel a strong obligation to their fellow man/woman to step up. To show they believe they are their brother’s keeper.

A local restaurateur’s offer of free pizza delivered to anyone in their delivery area 70 or above and in quarantine brought me to tears. I know him and he is a really good guy – this just cemented it. “Soon as this is over we’re going to have a meal there,” Michael said. “We’ll be supporting him in a big way from now on.” Yes. (It helps that he loves their meatball sandwiches!)

Others offered supplies to those who couldn’t find any and had babies or little children to care for.  Or shared information on which shops were still stocked with necessaries. Or how to…whatever.  I loved seeing this. But among women I know, I expected to see more.  Broadly, I didn’t see anything. These aren’t unfeeling people, either.

Early on I was lucky enough to get in a social media group initiated to share all sorts of information in a calm and reasoned way. Articles. Research. Feelings. Suggestions. These were people who, like me, got it earlier rather than later and wanted a cool, analytical approach to sharing info. Smart women. Knowledgeable. Logical. This group has been my inspiration and my sanity.

The Bad

Maybe I should call this “the clueless” because for the life of me I can not figure out why so many feel they can do business as usual:

The leader of an out-of-the-country retreat who did not cancel, despite travel bans making clear that NOT traveling was necessary to flatten the transmission curve. Once everyone arrived, a travel ban was initiated. Some (but not all) turned around to rush home before flight cancellations. Others chose to stay for the unknown “indefinite” period of the travel ban. It could be a month, who knows. More even.

I consider the retreat leader’s decision to not cancel as the pandemic spread completely irresponsible. I get that they didn’t want to lose money. But I also get that they didn’t care about the greater good. I was planning to go on retreat with them in the next year or two, but not any more– I can never un-see this. I do not trust their judgment.

I know of other people who continued to travel, even those in high risk groups. Many go to the gym, still, too cool to be prudent. Seriously? Could there be a bigger hotbed of bacteria?

Failure to cancel any get-together of seniors is just plain rash and goes against all public health advice.

I know some very much at risk who kept putting themselves in harm’s way until everything got cancelled in some illogical sense of “fierce independence.”  More like “lethal independence.” And failure to understand their role in and the importance of breaking the transmission chain.

And then there are the events and meetings that continued against all good judgment until the Bay area was put on mandatory lock-down. Some are very cavalier about this situation, considering social isolation and distancing an “over-reaction.”  I am absolutely flummoxed, given the clear message by public health officials.

My eyebrows practically fly off my face when I read what people I once respected consider “heartbreaking:”  Closures that inconvenience them. Not closures that put small businesses in dire straits, but closures that mean they don’t get to do what they usually do. That has been well and truly shocking.  I have been so naive.

The stubbornness of people not participating in efforts to slow and finally stop this pandemic? I can never un-see any of this.

The Ugly

I saw a tweet by a Bernie supporter suggesting those with Covid19 breathe on a Boomer so they would get it and die.

Price gouging by those who bought huge quantities and hiked prices. Reprehensible.

And then there’s the guy in the Oval who is not inspiring the nation or even making a lot of sense. His followers can’t get enough of him. Defies logic.

The big rock turned over in 2016  exposed our country for the corrupt and ugly place it can be. Not everyone is like this, but of everything that’s happened since then, this new view (for me) has been shocking. The pandemic shows us more of the same.

The Bottom Line

This morning (as I wrote this) I woke with the message that how people behave is a function of how closely they feel connected to their fellow man/woman.

Those who are going about business as usual may say the right words about being their brother’s keeper, but really, their connection to others is not strong. Their sense of responsibility to others is not a driving force in their lives. Even if they think they are socialists.  (see Bernie supporter tweet, above)

Some of it is emotional intelligence, too, that ability to be judicious and empathetic.  Many people go through their whole lives not looking beyond their own small circle of concern.

Back in the 80s I first heard the now famous Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

And here we are.

How to create an altar in your home

How to create an altar in your home

home-altarLucy Seligman is guest posting today on a topic dear to my heart–creating a home altar. And here she is:

A home altar is a sacred space just for you that you have created. Think of it as a sacred space for holding and focusing energy in your home; a place for reflection, say your positive affirmations, and for inspiration. Beyond that, it can be used to raise your positive vibrations, connect with your Higher Self, for manifestation, and even a place to set aside the stresses of your daily life.

The ABCs of creating a home altar

Altars can be a very powerful, transformative, creative and fun activity for you to enhance your life and to remove obstacles in your journey to whatever it is you are manifesting. Your altars may change as you attain whatever it is you wanted, and you set new goals, aspirations etc. An altar is never static—it is a fluid, changeable and a flexible energy tool for you to use.

Your altar, like you, may grow and evolve as your life changes. Enjoy the process!

Types of Home Altars

You decide on what type of altar(s) you want, and you can have more than one! There is another type of altar just for honoring your ancestors and or other beloved close friends, with their photo’s, perhaps a memento of theirs, flowers and so on.

Another example could be for you to create an altar for the New Year, as a way to focus in and set your goals. The list is endless, but you could do an altar for prosperity, for love, for healing—whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.

home-altarWhy is an altar useful?

Use it daily to build and increase your positive energy, as a focus for your life, work or project, to manifest effortlessly all your desires, to clear out negative blocks/energy, set daily intentions etc.
What to Put in a Home Altar
Your altar can be as ornate or as simple as you want. The main thing is that it resonates with you and is meaningful. And it doesn’t have to be expensive, items can be handmade, found at a thrift store or dollar store, or what you have around your house!

Elements of a Home Altar

All the elements that you choose to place on your altar should be cleansed regularly—with salt, with sage, or with incense to name a few ways you can use to purify the elements of your altar, yourself and the surrounding space. Place a cloth under your altar: it can be an altar cloth, a pretty scarf, or even a piece of fabric that you like.

Examples of the 5 Classic Elements:

Water: Placed in a nice glass or cup
Air: Use incense, a feather or a bell
Fire: Candles
Earth: Crystals, gemstones or stones
Spirit: A bowl of salt to cleanse and attract energy

You can also place important and meaningful books to you on your altar, favorite affirmations alongside ornaments, photo’s and or artwork that hold a deep meaning to you, as well as flowers if you want.

Offerings: Should be from your heart. It can be food, such as rice, corn, or fruit to name a few. Think of your offering as an energy exchange between the physical and spiritual realm.

Where to place a home altar

Since this is your own sacred space, find an area in your house or garden that you can use in privacy. You can use a small table, a chest, a bookshelf, top of a dresser, a nightstand, or even on a window ledge. You can even have a pocket altar! Make it beautiful and meaningful to you wherever it may be.

Overall, the key to enjoying your home altar is just that – enjoy it! Don’t overthink it or worry about having the “right” components; this is your space!

home-altarLucy Seligman is founder of Zen Coaching with Lucy. She offers coaching packages  to help guide you to where you want to go.

She even offers Laser Coaching Sessions where in just 30 minutes you can focus in on one issue/problem and attain clarity, a plan, and usually a resolution.

Learn more about her services at www.lucyseligman.com.

How to listen to your inner voice & why you should — right now

How to listen to your inner voice & why you should — right now

inner-voiceMy inner voice has saved me from things that were going to go really wrong, time and time again.

I’m not special, either. I just paid attention.

We all can do this. You can do this.

About a decade ago I was going to make a life change that would’ve been disastrous. There were signs of doom along the way, but I was insistent. Out of nowhere, I was presented with another option so dramatic that I had to stop and reconsider. At first I refused. But the message was insistent. So I stopped. I listened. And my entire life changed ina big and beautiful way.

inner-voiceFuture events made clear that had I not listened, things would not have gone well for me.

A few years ago a sick friend neglected to take sufficient care and as a result, something happened. When she told me, in frustration I blurted out: “Your disease isn’t going to kill you, THIS is.” The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them. And in fact, a few days later that happened.

More recently, my inner voice told me I needed to postpone or cancel the retreat to the Middle East planned for this month. I had no idea that coronavirus would impact travel so seriously during my dates that I would’ve been forced to cancel at a late date, at a great financial loss. In retrospect, it was prescient.

I feel the same frustration about coronavirus. Many people in my greater circle remain uninformed. Some are just not paying attention to public health guidance. Some are just stupidly stubborn. They don’t take expert guidance seriously because they don’t think anything will happen to them. They don’t want to curtail activities. They don’t see that it’s not just about THEM: we are all in this together and we need to all take measures for this virus to abate.

We’re in this together

I feel the same sense of frustration I did when those words came out of my mouth to my friend. In fact, I can’t keep from providing strong input. Probably obnoxious input. That could be life-saving input.

Our responsibility to one another is so clear to me. I wonder why people can’t look past their own self interest and see what I see. And why they aren’t in touch with their own inner wisdom.

In retrospect, guidance has been present in my life for a long time. I think it’s true for us all, but we don’t always listen.

The late Joan Rivers attributed her success to the fact that she was smart enough to walk through any door that opened. I think the reverse is also true: Be smart enough to notice when doors need to be closed, at least for a while.

So how do we listen to our inner voice?

  1. Quiet yourself periodically. Slow down.
  2. Listen for times when your inner voice is insistent. For a hunch. A feeling. Intuition. Or that feeling of frustration.
  3. Ask for guidance.
  4. Let it steep. Wait for answers.

Regarding coronavirus: Listen to qualified public health officials. When they recommend social distancing, do it. If you don’t want to prioritize your own health, put public health above anything else.

Use good judgment. That’s how we’ll get through this.