Hang on! Bumpy ride ahead!

Hang on! Bumpy ride ahead!

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Let me start by saying I feel no fear about corona virus. No anxiety. I do feel the necessity for prudence and precautions, though, to prevent coronavirus. I’m exercising both, even while I hang on, because this is already a pretty bumpy ride.

Looking around social media I see a couple of camps. One is the “media hysteria” group, where scary stories are meant to mislead because they serve as clickbait. Still, buried within are nuggets of real news, real information. You just have to dig past the fear-mongering.

Don’t be frightened–knowledge is power, so get as much as you can from respected sources. Double-check anything that feels like hysteria. Don’t let anxiety take hold.

I also see those who discredit the news about coronavirus: “it’s just like the flu, why is everyone going crazy?”  Well, it’s NOT like the flu for many reasons, most important that its mortality rate is significantly higher, according to respected infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, MD.

You can only prevent coronavirus if you know the facts. And ignore those who feel they have to arrogantly discredit everything.

There’s no need to feel anxious. Not if you take common-sense precautions. Here’s what I’m doing –maybe it’ll give you ideas, too.

Special note: My older friends & those with underlying conditions really do need to take these precautions. It could be a matter of life or death for them.

1. I’m steering clear of close gatherings and crowds. Crowds aren’t my favorite thing, anyway, but I am not going to the movies or plays or even museums right now. Why should I, when I can read or stream entertainment? Play with my dogs? Talk to friends? Write?

I weigh the risk factors of every gathering I’m invited to. Closed rooms with no air circulation and bunches of people? No. That’s ok—I have lots to do at home. No gathering is so important that I absolutely have to go.

2. I’m eating out less. This weekend we’re having our adopted nephews over for a meal, while two weeks ago we all went out. No one will suffer–I’m a good cook –making my famous and delicious lasagna. As a Sicilian-American, I know my way around the kitchen. Oh and pay attention to good nutrition!

3. Not going to the gym. The gym is a hotbed of germs. Fifteen years ago I got RINGWORM on my leg from gym equipment. So no gym right now. But that’s ok–we’ve been for great walks in this beautiful weather. Rain is due all next week and that will be a bummer. But no gym.

4. I do have a dental appointment next week but overall I’m staying out of hospitals and doctors’ offices at present. God willing! Routine appointments can wait.

5. Did you know the average shopping cart has 361 times more bacteria than bathroom door knobs? Research showed 73,000 colony-forming units of bacteria per square inch. Filthy. I routinely use latex gloves for food prep and around the house and have them on hand. So I wear them when I push a cart. I don’t think it’s overkill right now–it’s prudent. Those cart wipes were installed for a reason. I strip the gloves off and discard before I drive home, use hand sanitizer in the car–and wash my hands really well at home. My car has always had a bottle hand sanitizer and so has my handbag. Nothing new for me.

6. I flush public toilets with my foot or a paper towel. That’s not new, either.

7.  I wash my hands so much I could perform surgery at any given time. Skin gets dry, though. So at night I use an emollient hand cream and glove up so it really sinks in.

Prevent coronavirus by being prudent and taking common-sense precautions. This, too shall pass.

And it’s always good to remember that there is no worst-case-scenario because there is life after this life. And yes, that IS something I think about and the reason I am not afraid of this virus. You don’t have to be afraid either.

How you can love-bomb someone for free

How you can love-bomb someone for free

love-bombThis is my year of love bombing, as you know if you follow me. Wouldn’t it be a great world if everyone did this?  And it doesn’t have to cost a cent. It can be 100% free. Here are some wonderful love bombs:

Give a compliment to someone every day.

Compliment someone’s smile. Tell them what a bright light they are (if they are). Tell them how much you love being in their company. How much you appreciate what they bring to their work, to the world, to their friends–how much you appreciate THEM.

Hold the door for someone every time you can.

Simple thing. A kindness, really.

Let cars stuck in traffic go ahead of you.

Drop by to see someone who is sick or grieving. Call, first, though.

Send a real card to someone who needs a lift. Dollar store cards are  50 cents but if you have some in your card file, it’s almost free. Well, postage. But you get the drift. Yes, you can send an email but it is so beautiful to get a handwritten note on a card.

love-bombIf you see a mom struggling with a cranky kid, ask if you can help.

Let someone with fewer items than you go ahead of you in the grocery line.

Offer to walk someone’s dog a few times if they need help.

Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time just to say hello.

Cook a meal for someone who is sick or grieving. Or a harried mom.

Pick some flowers from your garden and give them to someone for no reason at all. Just because.

Invite someone for tea or coffee at your home for no reason or because they might need to talk.

Walk a shelter dog if your local shelter or rescue has a program.

If you’ve been really busy, love up on your dog or cat for no reason at all–just because they love love.

It’s time we all looked up from our phones and became aware of what’s going on around us. Opportunities to love bomb are everywhere. If you love-bomb every day, you’ll be happier and you’ll make a better world. Imagine if everyone did this?
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How to move forward after bad things happen

How to move forward after bad things happen

I write about the meaning of the things that happen for me as much as for you. Because life ain’t no bed of roses. No matter the life path.

How did the song go? “I never promised you a rose garden.” And it’s true. Stuff happens and sometimes bad things happen. And yet, we must proceed. We are meant to proceed.

I know so many people who get this, that everything that happens is part of our life path. They don’t necessarily like it, but they get it.

I also know people who fight it. Who find it hard to stomach that pain, cruelty and injustice are part of our life path, collective or individual.

Where do you stand on this?

And then, how do we proceed if bad things happen? Is it even possible to? If you’ve got something to say about this, I would love to hear it. Thanks.

How to view your life with kindsight

View your life with kindsight.
Instead of asking “What was I thinking?”
pause and ask the kinder question:
“What was I learning?”
_Karen Salmansohn

I love this. Kindsight.

Maybe like me, you’ve had a bunch of occasions in life when you made decisions that perhaps didn’t turn out so well.

I’m lucky (ahem) enough to have had a few trusted friends who haven’t been afraid to ask “What were you thinking?” Ok maybe more like “WTF were you thinking?” And there’s a purpose to that. I want friends like that.

But it’s not useful to berate ourselves for actions of the past. Looking at our actions with love and asking the kinder question, “What was I learning?” is brilliant.

Just brilliant.

This works also for grief and illness.


It’s 20/20.
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How can you practice karma yoga?

karma-yogaTo me, yoga was something physical, how people used their bodies to help center their minds. I never paid much attention to the non-physical aspects of yoga. In fact, I didn’t even understand what they were until fairly recently.

Then, I realized I was becoming a yogi, even though I don’t strike poses. I say “becoming” because it’s a practice, and I’m not sure I’ll ever get proficient. All I can do is practice it.

And can I practice yoga without posing?

Let me introduce you to karma yoga: the yoga of action. Stepping off the mat (or not even on to it) and serving the world around us. Doing something greater than ourselves to help unite us with the Divine. With universal consciousness.

Karma yoga is purifying the heart by providing selfless service to others. Without expectation.

I thought I was just doing random acts of kindness. But really, I’ve been practicing karma yoga for a long time. Kindness can definitely be part of it, but there’s more.

A big part is to act for others without expectation — and that can be hard for us humans. I know it can be hard for me. It means giving without judging how the gift is used, acting from pure intentions and letting go of outcome. It’s giving back for no reason except the giving.

Some friends travel the globe helping people in undeveloped nations in many ways. That’s a karma yoga practice.  Others do volunteer work with animals or people. That’s also karma yoga.

Anytime you serve without expectation, you’re practicing karma yoga.

This year, I’d like to continue my own practice of karma yoga and maybe even expand it in new directions. I’d like to make it even more a way of life.

How about you?
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How you can find the light, be the light & shine it for others


Be the light.

A friend sent me this message upon the death of Baba Ram Dass and it’s so wise I just had to share with you:

“So, Ram Dass passes on the first night of Hanukkah, reminding us of the Shamash , the “helper or attendant “ the one that is lit for others. His passing reminds us that we too, are called to be the light that first shines for others to see and then helps them to be their own light, and in turn, will shine for others…”

And that is the truth. We are here to find the light…be our own light..and light the path for others so that they, too can be their own light. That is what we are meant to do here.

How can you be the light for others you encounter in this new year?

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