One of the great blessings of age is that I feel no need to do much explaining myself anymore. Only rarely. Those youthful days of insecurity are in my rearview mirror.

By now, the people who know me “get” me. And if they don’t, well, their problem, not mine. And I don’t make it my problem.

After so many years, they should know my heart (usually open and sometimes, yes, vulnerable).

My intent should be clear by now (almost always pure but once in a while, ruefully not–rarely, though).

I’m open about the things that really bother me (meanness and self-centered actions, usually. I won’t mention politics.) 

The big thing about age is that I’ve learned to accept myself. I’m not perfect. I slip. I get frustrated. I can snap back.

Overall, though, I am ok with who I am.  Validation from others isn’t necessary. And that seems to be a byproduct of aging.

I’m also ok with having certain expectations of people, common courtesies and consideration chief among them.

One other interesting thing about aging is that I don’t feel like I have to give everyone a seat in my circle. Treat me and my heart with respect? Your cushiony seat awaits. Treat me like I don’t matter? All seats are taken.

I’ve seem similar and even more dramatic evolutions in some of my nearest and dearest. One, especially, has always wanted everyone to “like” them. They’ve accepted some really bad behavior in the past. But no more. They now love themselves and along with that goes a bigger need: to be treated with kindness and courtesy.

Isn’t it great consolation to know that, while our bones may be creakier and more brittle, our hair more grey and our bodies less flexible, our hearts and minds can reap the benefits of aging?

Notice anything different about yourself, as you get older? I’d love you to share in the Comments.

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