Those who try to tear your wings,
don’t know how to fly, themselves.

Someone I know made our ongoing relationship contingent on my making peace with another person.

The truth is that the state of “not peace” with the other was never my doing. The truth is that I had reached out many times over several decades to “make peace.”  The truth is that each effort was rebuffed, and not just rebuffed, but refused, ungraciously and, sometimes, nastily.

fly-highSo when the first person told me of the contingency I said I wouldn’t do it. Flat out, NO. That the second person did not wish me well and in fact, wished me harm, something I knew for a fact because they had told me. Because there were years of cruel little jabs, nasty digs. Purposeful. They made clear they didn’t want me to fly high.

I said there was no benefit to reaching out yet again and that I refused to be that person’s punching bag.

I did not add that in a session with my favorite medium, Hollister Rand, my spirit guides were extremely specific about this situation without my even giving them details. “This is not your circus and they aren’t your monkeys,” they told me. “Step out and don’t go back in.” This was repeated in a session with another medium, without my even asking. So I felt on pretty solid ground.

fly-highNot everything can be resolved and that’s ok.

When I saw the butterfly quote above, I thought it applied.  When people want to tear you down, it’s because they, themselves, feel inadequate.

Because if they could fly, they wouldn’t be so concerned with making sure you didn’t.

But that’s not your problem.It has nothing to do with you.

So don’t let anyone tear your wings. Fly high!


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