A conversation with a client about her past life and a between lives regressions started me thinking about the choices we make to incarnate here, knowing in advance what would be coming. Like the pandemic and the politics.

Because we do know what’s in store for us before we get here and we actively choose it.

So no coincidence that I opened my email to find this message from medium Suzanne Giesemann’s guides, Sanaya:

We so love you and so appreciate you for being brave enough to take on these roles at this time. “Are you sure you want to go into a body? 2020 is coming.”

What? I chose this? No way!

Yes, they can be a bit puckish. 😉 But we do make the choice to be here at this particular time, taking on these particular challenges, global or personal, which is something people have trouble with. “Why would I choose this?” they ask.

“The lessons,” is why. Sanaya has given Suzanne and us a pointed message about this:

“We would tell you that we are quite aware of you at the human level saying I never would have chosen this role, and I have no intention of coming back and doing this again. And we hear you and we understand.

But this was the point we were making earlier that at a soul level, when you have that higher perspective and you know you cannot be harmed, and you know that it serves the whole, that each light turns up through its so-called individual choices, why, then, once you leave the body and are instantly imbued with the awareness, Oh, my God, yes, there is a God, and it is this, this light, this love, and it has been within me all along … I am an expression of that, I am this light, oh, my God, now I can understand why I took on those challenges, for I am here unscathed, I am shining … and there were moments when I forgot to shine.

The greater reality

The body dies, but the soul lives forever, and that’s something we humans have a hard time with. We think that we are our bodies. But we aren’t. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Hard for us in our bodily states to grasp. Because all we know is what we call “reality.”

Truth is, there is a greater reality than what we can see, hear touch and feel in the physical.

Decades of my life went by without my understanding this or even thinking it. But then, that’s the plan. We come here for lessons and for us to learn these lessons we have to be uniquely human.

Each path is unique

I can’t explain how I have come to see my own soul. If I try to recall mile markers along the way, the start of the journey was the death of my mother in 1999 and then it unfolded. Every experience I had with a medium was astonishing and propelled me to the next realization until I found myself in a year-long program to learn past life regression.

It’s always fun when someone asks “How did you become a past-life regressionist?”

I have no idea.

There were no hints along the way. I just lived my life and followed a path I wasn’t even aware of. When a door opened, instead of agonizing about whether to walk through it, I didn’t think too long or too hard.  I went with my gut.

The fun of exploring without a map

Regressions are always interesting and sometimes even fun for the client and regressionist, both. During a past life regression, the client is guided to a possible past life. But I’m particular, myself, to life between lives regression, where the client is guided to the time just before this life when they are making the decision to come into this life.

Life between lives is my favorite regression to have. I love being up in the afterlife and seeing family and friends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ready to be there full-time. That day will come and I hope to fully embrace that transition then. But for now, the visits — and the reminder that there is a greater reality– are great.


I love to talk to people about regression. If you’re curious and want to know more, email me at ccassara (at) gmail dot com. and we can set up a call to talk about it. If you’d like to read more about it, click here. 

Want to hear a little more wisdom about dealing with these times from Suzanne’s guides? Click here.

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