My sins are still unforgiven. That’s right. Ask two –ok, maybe three- people I’ve known a lifetime and they’ll tell you.

Well, maybe they won’t admit it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. I am unforgiven for deeds against them, real or imagined.

I’ve gotten used to it. Really, i have. I don’t often feel like I want to convince them otherwise. But sometimes I want to send them this image by Kai Skye* because this is as true as anything I’ve ever read.

The other day someone in my circle died without warning. Just left. This happens and when it does, it’s so much better to leave nothing unsaid or undone.

I have, in fact, wronged people in my life. Haven’t you? And I have tried my best to ask forgiveness and to make amends. Because being clean with people, being current, is how I want to live.

Not everyone is that way.

I get it though, and I can’t hold it against them. I read something the other day: “I can’t blame you for not loving me how I deserved. You’re still at war with your own skin.”

Everyone deserves forgiveness and once forgiveness is granted, love can easily follow and usually does. Because, as a sage once said, “Once you’ve said everything else, the only thing left to say is “I love you.”

But none of this is possible when an individual is still at war with their own skin.

Oh yes, they will deny it. They are often the ones who say they have grown and evolved without the need for therapy or any help. If you count the issues in their lives, though, and assess their severity, the implausibility of that having happened is evident.

I am thinking about the person who died last month and pretty sure she died whole and complete, with only love and nothing to forgive. Then I look at the couple of people I love who will not forgive me and know that once they cross to the other side, all will be clear. I don’t even think that will be too late, either. It’s all just part of the plan.

Ain’t gonna kid you: it’s not hard but it is frustrating to love someone who resents you for wrongs real or imagined. When they can not see what appears so clear to you.

And when you know that this life really IS about love, all about love and relationships, as a dear friend who died a few months ago said in what were some of his final words before crossing over, it is particularly frustrating.

I always want to DO something.

But there really is nothing for me to do. And everything for them to do.

Oh, well. Sigh.

Life can seem so difficult, but it really isn’t. It’s easy. It’s all about love. Better to get that sooner rather than later. But we only get it when we get it.

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