I gave up new year resolutions years ago. They were either too ambitious or too many and doomed to failure. Instead I set upon this very easy way to start the year:

Starting January 1, remove one thing from your life that isn’t giving you joy and add one thing that will.

It’s that easy.

For me, I decided to remove on-demand candle orders, which were time consuming and often arrived when I didn’t have the time to create. Now, candle ordering windows happen several times a year, I make them in batches and then not again until the next window.

What I added was a time-consuming writing workshop that will help me with a project I started in quarantine.

Writing has always been my first love but it’s always the thing that falls off my to-do list. But not any more. Starting January 23 I am going to focus my spare time (and we all have spare time these days) on that writing project.

I’m not resolving to finish the work. I’m just resolving to take the course and focus on the project.

So, instead of listing a bunch of things you’ll probably never get to, delete one thing that isn’t fulfilling from your life and add one joyful thing.

That easy.

If you’d like to share yours in the Comments, I am all ears. And remember, comments are blogger gold! Thank you!

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