I’ll spare you the list of worries we’re all contending with … I know you know every one of them. And I’ll cut right to the chase:

Worry is one of the most useless things we can do. It does absolutely nothing to change situations. And yet, we all do it. Me, too. My mother was a world-class worrier, so I learned from an expert.

When I found these Guatemalan Worry Dolls I had to laugh. Leave it to the Mayans to find a non-invasive, non-chemical way to handle worry. (Ok, I know, these go back way before pills and surgery. But, still.)

Tell the doll your concerns and worries. Put it under your pillow while you sleep (or on your bedside table) and let the doll do the worrying for you. The image is of my own worry dolls (I need two, because, well, I told you my mom was an Olympian worrier so I am, too.)

Here’s where to get your own worry dolls made by women artisans and sold by a Fair Trade supplier in Guatemala.

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