It’s morning and I have done something that made me vulnerable to pain. To hurt.

I initiated it.

Actually, I’ve done several things recently that made me feel emotionally at risk.

I didn’t have to. I could have lived happily at a distance from these issues the rest of my life without risking the pain of vulnerability.

And yet, my impulse was to chance it. Because the upside would be the bridging of gaps.

This would not come as a surprise to medium Hollister Rand, who in response to my regret about reaching out to someone who hurt me exploded, “Of course you reached out! That is who you ARE! You are all about reconciliation!”

She is right, of course. That IS who I am. But boy, it’s a risk.

Anything can happen when we take an emotional risk.

We could be leading with our chin. Or, we could find common ground.

Is it worth the risk?

Well, ask yourself this:

Is there a chance to grow from it?

Can I manage the outcome, no. matter what it is?

My answers:

I am ready to risk the pain of vulnerability.

I can manage any outcome. I think.

What are yours?

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