If I had a dollar for everyone on my social media feeds trying to recover from—you name it: covid, heart surgery, cancer, chronic pain, and even grief–I’d be rich. It’s frustrating to.be unable to touch, hug or even sit over a cup of tea and provide support. I don’t know about you, but I feel helpless sometimes. Because people are suffering and we’re needed now more than ever.

Look, most of us aren’t in touch with our personal healing power. I have friends who are clearly healers but most of us? We haven’t tuned into that ability. And those who are trying their best to heal may not know how to access their own healing abilities–of attitude, of thoughts becoming things, of not stuffing those fears. The feelings that impact how we feel.

The bottom line

Let me cut to the chase: Every single one of my products can help provide the support we can’t provide in person right now–and even more than that. If you’re wondering what to give someone in need of healing or who is grieving, I urge you to consider any of my products for healing or grief.

Customers give them the highest marks for supporting them in times of need and best of all, they are budget-friendly, starting at only $14.95. No joke–they help. And many customers comment on how beautiful they are. 

How to provide important support in these challenging times

So if someone you love would benefit from accessing their own healing power, any of these make gentle, supportive and yes, helpful gifts. See these very well-regarded gift packages here See individual products for bereavement here and for healing here.

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