Triggers. They’ve been part of the conversation these days. Sometimes, the concept is over-used, in my opinion. Other times, though, triggers are super-significant. Things get really dicey when they bring up old traumas, things we’d rather forget.

I wasn’t sure that I had any hot buttons that could be triggered, until a conversation with a family member about my upbringing elicited the kind of deep, emotional response that appears unconsciously, almost out of nowhere. I surprised myself with the depth and strength of my response.

So yeah, I can be triggered. I observed my response as it happened, but I didn’t see it as a bad thing.

Then, a week later, I ran across a different way of viewing triggers I thought you might find interesting. Here it is:

We worked this out ahead of time.
They’re part of the plan. We knew this stuff might happen.
Actually, you insisted they be triggered whenever you were ready
to begin thinking thoughts you’ve never thought before.
      ~Mike Dooley/Complete Notes from the Universe

Triggers can be an opportunity for us continue the hard work through the emotion to the other side. Of course, therapists can be a big part of that process, so don’t hesitate to find help if needed. Yes, I’ve needed professional help in my own life, and it’s been helpful.

“Part of the plan.”  Many of us believe there IS a plan and we know all about it. At least our spirit selves do because we and all the significant players agree on it in advance before this incarnation. And then, poof! Our memories are wiped clean and we come to this life to play it out.

That’s what a between-lives regression can help people discover– the purpose of this life and the role of the major players in it.  Also, in having my first guided after death connection, myself, I encountered a major player in my life, who told me what her role was. (I now do that service for clients and it can be powerful.)

Want to know more?  Read about regressions here. Info about guided after-death connections can be found here. And if you’d like your own copy of Notes from the Universe, here is the link.

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