Guided After Death / Higher Self Connections via Zoom


Although many people can contact loved ones on the other side or their higher selves without help, if you’re like me, sometimes you want someone else to make the connection for you. I can guide your channeling journey but I won’t be acting as a medium. So you’ll do the traveling and have the experience, but I’ll help you get there.

Most people are happy to hear from loved ones who have passed and even have their own conversation with them. Or talk with their spirit guides in a guided session. I’d love to guide you to visit the other side where you will have your own experience.

Some people are interested in accessing the wisdom of their higher selves to help guide them in a big life decision–or to get input on an issue.  Our higher selves do possess the answers to life’s questions. if we listen carefully. Using a similar process, I can guide you to a place where you can access your higher self.

All sessions are via Zoom, we’ll discuss your objectives and how the session will unfold. I’ll then guide you in a session. Afterward, we’ll talk briefly about the experience. Please set aside an hour.

After Death or Higher Self Connection via Zoom session is $99. Email me at ccassara(at)

Guided After Death Communication sessions or Connections with your Higher Self are available to anyone in the world.
Requirements: internet connection, Zoom account, and a quiet place to relax uninterrupted.

Contact me at any time with questions about this or any of A Healing Spirit’s services and products at ccassara(at)