We aren’t perfect. And we aren’t supposed to be. Even when it seems like we’re already woke and therefore, should be perfect.

As imperfect beings, we are going to step in it. One minute we could be waxing eloquent about the spiritual nature of life and transcendence, and the next we could inadvertently stumble and fall in a big way. Without meaning to, we could hurt ourselves or someone else.

This is to be expected, simply because we aren’t perfect.

Often, we’re hardest on ourselves, too, don’t you agree? Oh, how familiar I am with that feeling when we know we have well and truly mucked up and let ourselves or others down!

When we fall short of our own expectations we need to be patient and kind with ourselves. After all, it’s just part of the dance. Every bit of it. Even the times when we fall short.

Sometimes a past life or between-lives regression can help illuminate what’s going on. Read more about it here.

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